Flirting With The Host In Front Of Your Spouse Is The Number 1 Dinner Party No-No - Here's 10 More Things To Avoid Doing

09 May 2013 by

Dinner parties are definitely having a moment. Be it the recession, the rise in foodie culture or one too many episodes of Come Dine With Me, restaurant eating is out and dining in is definitely a 'thing'. Such a thing though, comes with a certain decorum. Visiting someone's house puts forth a minefield of social ettiquette problems, what if you don't like the food? What if your neighbour gets a little bit too 'handsy' under the table? Luckily eCigarettes have conducted a survey on the top ten things not to do at a dinner party. Number one? The absolute no-no of flirting with the host in front of your spouse. Come on now, you'd have to be a bit of a sadist to do that amirght? Here, to help you on your merry way is Grazia's handy cut-out-and-keep guide to ten more things NOT to do at a dinner party. Read, retain and refrain from doing at any future events.

1. Helping Yourself To Items Not On The Menu

SO sorry you're not into braised pork belly, but sneaking Dairy Lea Dunkers from the fridge behind the host's back is what we call "frowned upon."

Smart cat opening fridge

2. Causing Unnecessary Drama With Other Guests

It's a nice evening with nice people. Calling out Sandra across the table for flirting with your boyfriend at the Christmas party in 2007? Not the time or the place.

3. Getting Excessively Hammered

2, 3 glasses of wine max. Any more and you'll be can-canning your drunk-self up and down the living room singing show tunes to a room full of bewildered guests.

4. Snooping Through The Host's Belongings

However tempting it might be. There's some things that you just can't unsee. Opening that bedside drawer = friendship over.
peeping cat

5. Using This As A Time To Try Out A New Recipe

Yeah yeah I saw this great thing on Masterchef! Shame it doesn't look like the one on telly, and tastes like hairspray.


6. Having Said That, This Isn't Exactly The Time To Scrimp

Tesco's Finest microwavable lasagne and a bottle of Baby Cham? Dig a little deeper my friend.

microwave meal

7. Using Condiments To Cover Up A Bad Taste

Because coating the paella your host's made in enough ketchup to fill a bath is not cool. No matter how bad it tastes.

Ross Salt Shaker

8. Showing Up Empty Handed

Come on now, someone's just opened their house to you and cooked you dinner. The least you can do is show up with a bottle of alright-ish plonk.

9. Talking About Yourself Incessantly

At best, people can probably fein interest in your cat's 'totes hilair' hijinks for 3-4 minutes, any more than that and you're crazy cat lady.

10. For The Love Of God - Don't Make It Themed

No-one wants that. No-one.


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