Scrumptious Summer Delights! The Five Food Trends That Caught Our Eye At The Taste Of London Festival

23 June 2014 by

[Taste, Holly Peacock]

This weekend we joined the hundreds of foodies who attended the Taste of London festival in Regent’s Park. From Sushi Samba to Mahiki, we were spoilt for choice with an array of eateries and watering holes to enjoy whilst catching some rays in the glorious summer sun.

We managed to feast on everything from steak to goat’s milk ice cream and picked up a few cooking tips along the way. Of course, whilst soaking up the delights of London’s finest, we managed to jot down a few of the culinary trends that caught our eye...

1. Popcorn just got gourmet

Joe and Steph’s air popped corn is utterly scrumptious. With flavours ranging from strawberries and cream to Thai style peanut satay there’s definitely a flavour for every snack-fiend. 

Joseph (the chef) bottles the stuff in jars making a cute gift for any popcorn fanatic pals.

2. You can now help prevent a hangover...whilst you drink!

We found something that can help your hangover WHILST you knock back the booze. (We know! You’re so welcome).

We’ve been thinking it was high time someone did some investigation into how to reduce our groggy heads and well, Good Shot has been doing just that. It’s a fizzy drink you can slurp on its own or with alcohol. Its natural, all-British and helps replace what alcohol deprives your body of. To be honest, we'll give anything a try but this tastes pretty good too so it’s a win, win situation.

3. Humita and steak go together like...

Gaucho and meat lovers. We aren’t suggesting that a delicious steak is anything new but we sampled Gaucho’s spiral cut, churrasco de chorizo with a humita stuffed pepper and it was a taste sensation. For those not in the know ( us) Huita is an American dish, consisting of masa harina and corn. We also took note as its simple enough to whip up at home and still look fancy.  

[Holly Peacock]

4. Mangosteen is the need-to-know fruit this summer

If you’re like us you may have sampled one on a gap year in Thailand a few years ago. If not, let us introduce you to this humble looking fruit that has sweet tasting delights hidden inside. The pearl white, juicy segments taste similar to passion fruits and are mouth-wateringly moreish (we ate six in a row).

You can pop them in the freezer to have as a cool summer snack, add them to a fruit salad to jazz things up or just eat them as they come.

5. Skinny Champagne is a thing

Already a Nobu London favourite Skinny Champagne is champers without the added sugar. Owner Amanda Thompson said the focus is ‘less about calorie counting and more about great tasting champagne without all the added sugar’

If you’re wising up about your sugar intake but love your bubbles, this is the tipple for you.



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