Disney Does Edible Cinema: Sarah Silverman, Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof Attend Gala Screening of Wreck It Ralph

06 February 2013 by

You know when you’re watching a film and someone is eating something on screen and it makes you feel really hungry? The clever folk at Edible Cinema have come up with a genius way to solve that problem while totally enhancing your cinematic experience.

Last night, Grazia Daily got to experience it for ourselves at Disney’s gala screening of their Oscar nominated movie Wreck It Ralph. Starring John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, it tells the story of video game bad guy Ralph who longs to be the hero. His plan for happiness goes awry and it’s up to cheeky youngster Vanellope to teach him what it really means to be the good guy. We also loved the characters voiced by Jack McBrayer (30 Rock’s Kenneth Parcell) and Jane Lynch (aka Glee’s Sue Sylvester) plus the cameo from Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw (which was met with rapturous applause from Nick and his mates including Pixie Geldof who were in the audience).

So how does Edible Cinema work exactly? At the start of the film, we were given a tray with ten numbered items on it. At allotted intervals throughout the movie, a number was flashed up which meant we had to consume the corresponding item on the tray. It was great fun – especially as we hadn’t really studied the menu in advance – but our only criticism is that at times, fiddling with tiny sealed boxes slightly distracted from the film itself. Here’s last night’s menu for Wreck It Ralph to give you a flavour of what you can expect if you get to experience Edible Cinema for yourself…

1. Pie of Victory

On arrival, we sipped cherry sour vodka cocktails with a ‘piecrust’ foam.

2. Zombie Heart

As Ralph’s fellow bad guys pour their hearts out at the support group, we munched on pork terrine with apple gel.

3. 8 Bit Martini

As Ralph sees the anniversary party in full swing, we join in with our very own vodka martinis complete with square olive garnish.

4. Cy-Bug Eggs

As the cy-bugs multiply with terrifying results, we had a surprise of our own with a tub of finger lime, coconut caviar and charcoal meringue.

5. Cy-Bug In Taffy

When Ralph and the cy-bug crash land in taffy, we were treated to maple chocolate mousse, crispy bacon shards and rock salt crackers.

6. Guards!

When Ralph got in trouble with the law, we couldn’t help licking our lips at the sight of the oh-so-sweet guards. Luckily, we had actual versions of their lemon doughnut ball, chocolate and hay cream oreo and coffee éclair forms right in front of us.

7. Ralph’s Hot Breath

When Ralph’s lung capacity is put to good use, we sprayed a concoction of parmesan, morita chipotle and mustard broth into our mouths. Yes, it was a disgusting as it sounds.

8. Hot Cola Springs

When Vanellope takes a test run around the cola springs, we had explosive results of our own after sipping on chilli infused vodka, house cola and mint.

9. Dynamite Gal

Calhoun makes quite an impression on Felix which resonated with us as we chewed on red liquorice and popping candy.

10. Sour Bill

Sour Bill finds himself in a sticky situation just as we’re tucking into apple crisps with crispy yoghurt and malic acid. Tart!

11. My Hero

And to finish it all off, an iced shortbread biscuit. This had a touching significance in the movie but we wouldn’t want to ruin the ending for you now, would we?!

Wreck It Ralph is in cinemas Friday 8 February. To find out more about Edible Cinema, part of the Soho House Group, go to ediblecinema.co.uk


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