Day 5: Grazia Lives Below The Line for The Global Poverty Project

26 April 2013 by

It’s my last day of Live Below The Line and I would be absolutely lying if I said that I wasn’t really happy that it’s nearly over. For five days I have lived on £1 a day to raise awareness for the 1.4billion people that do that every day. It’s been much harder than I thought it would be I have been incredibly lucky that I have done this with the support of my friends and with a warm roof over my head, here’s what I’ve learnt…

1. It is possible to Live Below The Line but it’s not always easy

All jokes about me not being able to cook rice aside this challenge hasn’t been the easiest 5 days of my life. But whilst, I may have been hungry at times and grumpy ALL the time, this is nothing in comparison to the people who have that £1 to stretch across not only food and drink but healthcare, transport and education.

2.There are a lot of things you can do with eggs and rice

This challenge has given me an appreciation not only for the food I did have but for how many ways I could vary cooking. I’ve had eggs four different ways this week but if I hadn’t been out for work it probably would have been more, sometimes it pays to be inventive.

3.Carrying around a bag of beans in your handbag is the scariest thing ever…

Especially when it’s the only food you have to get you through the day.

Now it’s your turn to sign up. The Live Below The Line challenge runs from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May, DO IT!


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