Day 4: Grazia Lives Below The Line for The Global Poverty Project

25 April 2013 by

It’s Day 4 of Live Below the Line and I thought rather than write solidly for three paragraphs about how much I would really like a glass of wine, I thought I would try and expel some advice for anyone thinking of taking up the challenge next week.

Ever since I embarked upon this journey (not really a journey, but I’m going with it) people have asked me a lot of questions about how it ACTUALLY works, the most common of which I have listed below with some (hopefully) helpful answers…

Q: Can you eat food that other people give to you?

A: People have asked me this everyday and on a side note, I have never been offered more food in my life – a man gave me a sweet on the bus last night (!). But the answer is no, you can’t. It’s not exactly a challenge if your Mum / housemate / boyfriend is feeding you half a lasagne every evening.

Q: What about things I already have in my cupboard? 

A: You can have things you already own but you need to factor them into your spending. Good things to do this for are oil, salt, pepper and tea as buying them all new would take up most of your budget!

Q: Can you steal things?

A: Would you steal things normally? No. So, no. (If you answered yes to that question you might want to assess your moral compass).

Q: Is it actually possible to live off a £1 a day?

A: Really possible. Plus, whilst my shopping may not have been very inspiring there is lots of advice out there about what to buy. Live Below the Line themselves have come up with two recipe plans which you can find on their guidance page with a list of what you need to buy for the five days. On this blog called AGirlNamedJack they also give a guide for how to do it with two people, so you and a friend can sign up.

Q: Is it sponsored?

A: Yes, you can sign up on the LBTL page and ask your friends / family / local shopkeeper to sponsor you, then choose the charity you wish to donate the money to.


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