Day 3: Grazia Lives Below The Line for The Global Poverty Project

24 April 2013 by

It’s day 3 of the Live Below The Line Challenge for The Global Poverty Project and I am running out of ways to make eggs exciting. I have had soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and I’m considering making a frittata – although, as I’ve never made one before, I don’t want to risk ruining a lot of eggs in the experiment.

Jokes aside, today is the day when the challenge (Live Below the Line means living for 5 days with £1 a day for food) has become ever so slightly (quite a lot) harder. Whilst I still have plenty of food to live on I am lethargic, grumpy and am only now realising the psychological impact good food has on a person. I can only be thankful that I’m doing this from the comfort of my own home / desk at work.

Onto a more positive note though – OTHER PEOPLE SIGNING UP. Live Below The Line officially runs between the 29th April and the 3rd of May and as well as the £5 for 5 days they have come up with some great ways for people to continue to raise funds and awareness. For example you can do your very own Come Live Below The Line with Me (you see what they’ve done there). The idea is this, you invite your friends round for dinner but you have to feed everyone for 33p a head.

You enjoy your meal, post your pictures online and raise more money for your charity. I almost wish I had thought of it myself. To get an idea of how it works here’s a video of some well-known faces giving CLBTLWM a try, including our favourite MIC boy Francis Boulle and actress Bonnie Wright. Prepare to LOL and take note of some recipe ideas…


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