Day 1: Grazia Lives Below The Line for The Global Poverty Project

22 April 2013 by

This week, I, Olivia Foster will be taking the Live Below the Line challenge. Masterminded by the Global Poverty Projectto raise awareness of the 1.4billion (yes BILLION) people living below the poverty line those taking part must live for five days with just £1 a day to buy all their food and drink.

Whilst most people’s initial reaction is to say “that’s impossible” it’s actually the reality for many people all around the world. In fact, the £1 for these people doesn’t just cover food and drink but everything – we’re talking shelter, health care, transport, education. To put this into a personal and shameful prospective – on an average day I spend £1.80 just on buying Diet Coke… I know...

So before the challenge began I spent yesterday morning at my supermarket - having asked for some advice I quickly realised that bulk buying would be the only option if I didn't want to end up starving by the end of day one. The above picture shows my food shopping for the five days the cost of which was £4.96.To break it down I bought:

2 tins of value baked beans

1 tin of value spaghetti

1 loaf of value wholemeal bread

1 packet of value spaghetti

1 baking potato

2 onions

1 packet of chicken stock

1 tin of kidney beans

1 tin of sweetcorn

1 bag of value rice

Famous types like Tom Hiddlestone and Bonnie Wright have already taken up the challenge and succeeded. And for the next four days I shall be blogging my experience - some of which may involve me moaning about the lack of caffiene - here in the hope that next week some of you might like to take it up too. Wish me luck!

If you want to read more about Live Below the Line you can go to their website.


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