Cocoface Founders Dash And Charlie Reveal Their Top Tips For Using Your Coconuts

27 February 2014 by

Cocoface founders Dash and Charlie

It feels like coconut water is everywhere these days, but there's nothing quite like drinking it the way nature intended. Cocoface founders Dash and Charlie, source and sell raw and unpasteurized coconuts, which are available to order online and buy in selected stores from Planet Organic to Whole Foods. Not only are the nuts (a variety called Nam Hom from Thailand) full of flavour and incredibly hydrating, but they're packed full of naturally occurring electrolytes that aid muscle, nerve and brain function. It's not all about post-gym thirst-quenching though, as the boys have plenty of serving suggestions for Cocoface coconuts - including a cheeky cocktail!.

1. Drink it!

Next time your hungover crack one open first thing for the tastiest friendliest hangover cure thats out there.

2. Don't forget the flesh.

Cocoface is not just coconut water, make sure you eat the delicate coconut meat which is full of healthy fats and vitamins...or blend it with the water for an awesome smoothie.

3. Give someone a coconut.

A box of Cocoface makes a perfect gift...or if your really nuts about them get them a subscription. Home delivery available through

4. Make a killer cocktail.

How about a real fresh Pina Colada served in a coconut. Or a simple and surprisingly good vodka cold vodka (We like Belvedere) in an ice cold nut...ummm.

5. Freeze it.

Make homemade coconut ice cream and sorbet with the flesh by mixing it with coconut milk and your favourite fruits. Delicious and fresh...add a little dark rum if you fancy.

6. Keep it sweet.

Make a delicious caramelised coconut dessert. Scoop out the flesh and heat in a pan with brown sugar....amazing.

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Merlinda Little (Fri Feb 28 11:36:05 GMT 2014): add pandan leaves. buco (young coconut) pandan flavored goodies are like AWESOME!