Choctastic! 7 Ideas For Using Up Your Leftover Easter Eggs

17 April 2014 by

So if you're left with a mountain of chocolate easter eggs this Easter, what do you do?

a) Throw it in the bin and feel smug about your saintly and restrained actions for a week?

b) Bring it into the office (ok, your colleagues won't thank you, but at least it's out of temptation's way!) or...

c) Eat the whole lot in one sitting - nom, nom, nom!? (Our preferred option!).

Well there IS another way. Across the webosphere food bloggers have been conjuring up all sorts of culinary concoctions using leftover chocolate, meaning you can now incoporate your unfeasibly-large chocolate stash into all manner of cake and biscuits - and then it won't feel like you are still eating it, right?



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