Chocolate Curry Anyone? And 3 Other Chocolate Combinations You Might Not Know

01 April 2014 by

A great cup of coffee and some fine chocolate – it’s one of those food pairings that can taste out of this world, especially when it’s a very good match. Dark strawberry chocolate goes especially well with espresso and a rich dark 90% chocolate tastes heavenly with a creamy caffe latte. And that’s where Lindt’s Master Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer (pictured below) and expert Coffee Barista Robert Henry come in. They’ve teamed up this week to create some ultimate coffee and chocolate pairing suggestions (using Lindt chocolate of course!), together with a ‘how to taste’ guide you can find here.

Lindt’s Master Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer loves nothing more than to experiment with chocolate and discover new dishes. Here are his four suggestions below, together with recipes you could try... if you're feeling brave!


Says Stefan, “This combination originates from North-East India, where local curry varieties were teamed with chocolate for an intense spicy flavour. I have experimented with these flavours quite a bit in the past."

Try: Stefan's Chocolate Mousse on a Fruity Curry Ragout, pictured above. He says it's "an exotic explosion of flavours. Combine the richness of Liquor, EXCELLENCE Dark 70% chocolate and curry powder with the light and fresh flavours of mango, bananas and coconuts.” Click for the recipe here.


“This has been one of my favourite combinations for a long time. The combination of medium dark chocolate and chilli is such a sensory pleasure, I just love it! Simply melting the Lindt EXCELLENCE with Chilli and dipping in fresh strawberries is great - if you’re in the mood, a glass of champagne on the side is delicious with it too. Chilli and chocolate coupling dates back to the ancient Aztec civilization, who indulged in chocolate long before it was introduced to the Europeans. Today, it is a favourite for those wanting to achieve an acquired sweet and savoury combination." 

Try: A Spicy Hot Chocolate , pictured above. "It enables you to experience an entirely new taste through a harmonious combination of Lindt's finest aromatic dark chocolate and the well balanced spice of red chilli.” Click for the recipe here.



“The combination of dark chocolate and cherry is a classic that is seen regularly in desserts – and I’ve been working with these flavour combinations since I was a pastry cook - I’ve made countless amounts of Black Forest Gateaux! The best results are with an intense black cherry taste, not too sweet, with just enough tartness to cut through the finest chocolate.

Try: "This Dark Chocolate Mousse with Sour Cherry Soup - it has achieved that fine balance for a superior sensory experience.” Click for the recipe here


“For me coffee and chocolate work very well together - they have incredibly complex characteristics which when combined, provide us with delicious flavours. However, as with all flavour combinations this is subjective and you need to try what works best for you. The deep flavours and aromas embedded in coffee beans are the perfect companion for the exceptionally rich cocoa flavours in chocolate, but with so many different varieties of both chocolate and coffee, it is worth experimenting

Try: Tiramisu, pictured above, which literally means, "a pick me up" is a rich treat blending the bold flavours of cocoa and espresso with the savoury flavours of mascarpone cheese and wine, to create an intense dish which is one of Italy’s most popular today – it is one of my favourite desserts”. Click for the recipe here.


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