Grazia Heads To Steam, The Calorie-Neutral Pop-Up Restaurant

25 March 2013 by


It's one of life's greatest problems: how to eat delicious food without gaining weight. So when pop-up restaurant Steam promised Grazia a calorie-neutral lunch we had to find out what their secret was.

It turns out the calorie neutral concept doesn't mean miracle food - although our steam-cooked lunch was super-healthy - it involves burning off the calories you ingest during the course of the lunch. For starters we had a 40 minute class that involved a combination of yoga, pilates and tai-chi. Luckily we were in jeans as all the stretching turned out to be rather more strenuous than we had originally imagined.  Dutifully we huffed and puffed our way through stretches and several balancing acts in an effort to help our digestive systems 'open up' and of course, burn off those all-important calories. After a class that left the more unfit of us red-faced and sweaty but 200 calories lighter, we headed upstairs to the restaurant for the part we'd been waiting for: the food.

Before we were served, there were more calories we to be burnt. Strapped to our chairs were vibrating pads which promised to knock more calories off, to our left was a ping pong table to play inbetween courses and on front of us was a checklist of how to burn further calories - turns out talking and eating for an hour gets rid of an extra 57 calories-who knew?

The menu put an emphasis on steamed food and was cooked using Miele's new range of steam ovens. Our chef was Frederick Forster, head chef of swanky Shoreditch restaurant The Boundary (and a rather dishy gentleman to boot). He cooked us five (mini) courses of some seriously top-notch grub, including a quails egg teamed with a mushroom ahnd leek, chorizo and scallops with a cucumber and ginger dressing and a seriously slice of banana bread. It was all delicious, but all gone too soon.

By the end of the meal we have no idea how many calories we'd burned, but one thing was for sure, despite the super-yummy food, we were still a bit hungry. We might have got a sandwich on the way back to work. Oops.

Steam was launched by Miele to promote the range of Miele cooking appliances.


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