Calling All Scrimpers And Savers! Here's 5 Foods That Double Up As Beauty Products

07 May 2013 by

It's weeks away from payday and already our funds are running worryingly low; probably something to do with that bank holiday we just had. £100 just on cider? Sounds about right. Annoyingly though, because the sun's out, so are our limbs - our crusty, scabby, winter-battered limbs. We need some emergency skin rescue - on a budget - stat.

Luckily any local supermarket is full of natural beauty products. From bananas to sugar, coconuts to yoghurt, here's 5 food products you can use to get your skin and hair in tip top shape for the summer. 

Also, best not to eat them after use, that's all kinds of wrong no matter how strapped for cash you are.


Mashed up with a pinch of water added, the creamy consistency of banana mush makes for a top shaving tool - simply spread on your legs instead of shaving foam and shave away. If you can get past the bits that'll be stuck in your razor post shave, the Vitamin A will leave your pins perfectly moisturised.


Brown Sugar

Combined with a normal facial cleanser, brown sugar makes for a brilliant budget exfoliator. Mix together with creamy shower gel for a pre-fake tan body scrub.


Scoop out all the white stuff and whip up in a blender before smoothing onto skin. The oily texture works really well as a deep moisturiser and it can also help with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.



Sitting in the sun frazzles hair. Mixing mushed-up avocado with two tablespoons of olive oil creates a mask that'll leave your locks silky smooth. Make sure you wash it all out or the oil will leave your hair greasier than a bacon sarnie.

Blueberry And Yoghurt

Mix mashed blueberries with plain Greek yoghurt for a 15-minute face mask that'll soothe even the crispest of sun-damaged faces. Blueberries contain Victamin C which works well to repair and moisturise skin - plus the lactic acid in the yoghurt helps exfoliate the sun-damaged layers of skin on the surface.



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