Brace Yourself, Silent Dining Is Now A Thing. Here's 10 Other Weird Dining Trends

25 September 2013 by

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When New York hipsters invented a new and unusual dining experience, it received mixed reviews. A restaurant - imaginatively named ‘Eat’ - is encouraging diners to stay completely silent throughout their $40 “organic locavore” meal - for a whopping 90 minutes. If people speak, they're punished, and left to eat their meal outside. The event organiser drew inspiration from a meal he ate in an Indian monastery, where he was moved by the peacefulness of the experience. Hmm, we're not quite sold on this one, sorry. Could this be an obscure trend that'll catch on?  Or has the need to make eating dinner more exciting (or boring!) got out of control? Here's 10 other unusual eating experiences all over the world…

1. Dining in the Dark

(Picture: Dans le Noir)

Dans le Noir in London has it's guests eating dinner in total darkness. The experience aims to 'awaken the senses' and reevaluate the diner’s perception of taste and smell, whilst being served by skilful, blind waiters. Guests are able to choose between four surprise menus, and at the end of the experience, guests can review what they ate and compare with their own opinion.  

2. Germany's Waiter Free Service

(Picture: S Baggers)

S Baggers is a German restaurant which has eliminated the need for waiters. The interactive restaurant allows customers to order their meal via touchscreen on their table. Guests are given an estimated arrival time of their food, and drinks glide down spirals when ready.

3. Japan’s Pub Paradise

(Picture: Trend Hunter)

The Pub Paradise restaurant is a spa dining experience for women. Guests can soak their feet in heated water with mineral salts, whilst sitting at the bar enjoying their meal. They are also provided with ‘rock’ flooring that touches on pressure points in the feet, to improve circulation and promote health. But that’s not all; guests can also sit in a reclined position, so they can take the weight off their legs and feet for the duration of their meal. How easy that makes it to swallow the food though, we're not sure.

4. Floating Restaurant

(Picture: Tojeto Instagram)

Bedtaste is the first floating restaurant in Germany where you can relax in your bed and listen to electronic music, as your ship cruises down the Rhine river.

5. Alcatraz Prison Restaurant

(Picture: Alcatraz ER)

The Alcatraz prison themed restaurant in Tokyo has transformed prison cells into tables and booths. It's also got a cocktail named Lethal Injection and also dishes called Adultery Dish and Incest Salad which just sound fan-flipping-tastic. Think we'll give this one a miss cheers. 

6. Touchscreen Inamo Restaurant 

(Picture: Inamo)

The Inamo touchscreen restaurant is an interactive dining experience which offers a tech-savvy display of touchscreen tables at each booth where diners are able to select their pan-Asian meal from the digital menu. You can also totally customize the design of your digital ‘tablecloth’, choose you music, view live action from the chefs, and play games while you wait for your food. You can even order a taxi directly from your table. Now THAT'S what we like to hear.

7. Monkeys As Waiters 

(Picture: Jessikaruby Instagram)

Primate restaurant in Japan has some unusual staff serving their food and drinks. Two monkeys, named Yatchan and Fukuchan serve customers, and in return receive soya beans as tips. Four-year-old Fuku-chan, doesn’t have much experience, so is limited to handing out hot towels, whereas Yatchan actually serves drinks too!

8. Dinner In The Sky

(Picture: Dinner In The Sky)

Dinner In The Sky is a dutch company, that offers luxury suspended dining for up to 22 people, 164 feet from the ground. The experience is unique as it comes to you, you set the location and they bring the crane!

9. Naked Sushi

(Picture: Nakedsushimike Instagram)

Nyotaimori experience needn’t involve plates or cutlery. Guests can pay a hefty, $1100 to eat sushi from a naked body. The food never touches the model and rests on banana leaves draped artfully on the body.

Words: Kelly Zuber



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