16 Last-Minute Foodie Gifts For Christmas

13 December 2013 by

It's not too late! Well it almost it. If you're reading this, shame on you. Still, with a few weeks left to stock up, Grazia's Food Team have picked their top foodie gifts for your loved ones. And your child's teacher. Enjoy (we did).


The Kids’ one

I realised giving other people’s children sweet things at Christmas is tantamount to child abuse but these are by Yotam Ottolenghi so don’t really count. He also does a cracking hamper fyi.

Ginger pigs, £4.80, ottolenghi.co.uk


The actually-not-as-scary-as-it-looks one

Yes it’s the leg of a pig and yes you know that because of THE HOOF and no, it’s not cheap, but I used to carve these things for a living and can vouch for their taste which is akin to godliness. Plus they last for yonks.

Brindisa's Iberico Bellota Ham Set, £380; www.brindisa.com


The In-Laws One

Melt are a pretty low-key chocolatiers. Silly name, I thought, plus - I hadn’t heard of them so how good could they be? Wrong! I gave them a whirl and now who’s the fool. The golden domes pair up my two favourite things this week – chocolate and anything-gold. Plus they look very, very cool.

Chocolate Domes, £15, meltchocolates.com


The Cheese One

Hampers are two a penny. But this one by British institution Partridges (dead posh, dead nice shop) focuses on Blue Cheese, Wine Hamper and hot pear chutney. Oh and Merlot. I know, The Dream right?

Partridges Blue Cheese and Wine Hamper, £45, partridges.co.uk


The One for Dad

Yes you need to enter your DoB in order to buy these, but these poultry shears - essentially secateurs for flesh – actually work. A firm hand could even cut through bone. Otherwise, just use to dismantle the turkey at 3am on Boxing Day. Super, super useful for the whole year too.

Poultry shears, £11.99, lakeland.co.uk


The Cookbook


The cookbook of the year? Possibly. Yes you need a serious store-cupboard and yes, you need a handle on the benefits of sumac but the dishes by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi really are doable and delicious, and so yes - this is my favourite cookbook of the year.

£27, ottolenghi.co.uk


The One for the Coffee Connoisseur

Dry January always leads to Caffeinated January (how else to stay awake?). This modern take on a Moka doesn’t leak at all and comes apart much more easily than its original counterpart. And because Langostinas make the best coffee.

Langostina, £25.99, lakeland.co.uk


The One for your Teacher

Teachers like gifts. Teachers like chocolate. They say they don’t but they’re lying. This decadent box by Hotel Chocolate look the part and somehow, all of them are nice. Even the coffee ones. Nope, didn’t see it coming either. Not too pricey for what it is either.

The Signature Christmas Collection, £25, hotelchocolat.com

The One for the Health Freak

Love/hate relationship with crisps? Yep. Me too. Naturally, then, my eye was drawn to this natty little gadget by Topchips which allows you to make healthy vegetable crisps very quickly. I know.

Topchips Crisps Maker, £34.99, lakeland.co.uk


The Christmas Day one

My mum would go beserk if I suggested this but many wouldn’t – someone else cooking Christmas dinner. Il Baretto in London's Marylebone is (obvs) Italian and Italians do Christmas very well. Lots of pork and pasta and Aperol. Lovely.

ilbaretto.co.uk, set menu of 3 courses for £45


The alt. mince pie

Nobu, by London’s Hyde Park, have a knack for making oddities work. Such as these yuzu juice and whiskey mince pies which look like stones but taste anything but.

Available in Nobu at £11.50 served with Suntory whiskey ice cream


The trad mince pie


Nor, owing to my fun-scuppering gluten intolerance, am I mad mad keen on mince pies. But I will risk a bite with these by the brilliant Bath-based, French baker, Richard Bertinet. I’ve never known better pastry on a baked good.

£21.95 incl. delivery, thebertinetkitchen.com


The foodie one

This is one of those book that you a. won’t want to open yet, inexplicably, will covet more than any other food book. The very Marimekko looking is chef Rene Redzepi’s journal following 12 months at his much fêted Copenhagen restaurant, Noma. All includes over 100 recipes and photographs.

A Work in Progress: Journal, Recipes and Snapshots by René Redzepi, priced £39.95


The Christmas pudding

I’m not mad keen on Christmas pudding so god forbid I ever be asked to make one. However, if I must, I’ll go well high end with this from British institution, The Ritz. So pretty, eh?

available from the Ritz Christmas concierge


The Hands-on one

Angela Hartnett is a wonderful woman and a wonderful chef thanks, in part, for her high end meets rootsy approach to Italian cooking. I can’t think of anything better than a four-course masterclass with Angela and team at Murano, in Mayfair which she reckons you can do at home.

Classes begin at 9.45am and finish no later than 4pm. £270 per person + lunch; £125 for lunch only; muranolondon.com/book/masterclass


The booze-lovers one

Despite being classed as a British institution, I’d never heard of Kamm. However it tastes of ginseng and honey and owing, I’m sure, to its ‘botanical’ ingredients, didn’t give me much of a hangover. So. Win win.

Go to kammandsons.com/buyMe.html for national stockists








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