9 MORE Food Hacks To Make Your Time In The Kitchen A Breeze

11 September 2013 by

GALLERY>> 9 More Food Hacks To Make Your Foodie Life Better

With lifestyles getting busier, recipes getting kookier and the aspiring home chefs more ambitious, food hacks are becoming more and more popular.

Whether you quiver at the thought of cooking a three course a la carte meal, or fancy yourself as the next Heston Blumenthal, food hacks are simple tips and tricks to make your life easier in the kitchen. Here's 10 we wish we'd known about sooner.

Words: Vicky Chandler

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1. Use A Coat Hanger As A Cookbook Holder

Following recipes and cooking at the same time is a hard task for wannabe chefs – so take a coat hanger,  grip it onto the pages and hang from a cupboard door.

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2. Use Frozen Grapes To Keep Your White Wine Cool

There’s nothing worse than a warm glass of white wine, but we can't bring ourselves dilute the flavour by bunging ice cubes into the glass. By freezing grapes you can keep your drink cool while saving the flavour.

3. Cook Bacon And Eggs Together To Make The Perfect Breakfast Bites

If you love an egg and bacon breakfast, try this simple method out for a bite size brekkie that’s guaranteed to fill you up. 

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4. Keep Ice-Cream In A Freezer Bag To Keep It Soft

Forget the spoon-bending hassle of frozen ice-cream with this little trick. Keeping your tub of frozen treats in a freezer bag stops it from going rock hard.

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5. Remove Strawberry Stems With A Straw

Why didn't we think of this during Wimbledon? Forget the time wasting when cutting stems off your summer strawberries and use a straw to take them off instead.

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6. Repurpose Coke Bottles To Hold Oils And Soap

Not only is this a great recycling technique, re-using glass coca cola bottles for salt, oil and washing up liquid spruces up a boring kitchen sink.

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7. Make Chocolate Chip Muffins In The Microwave

In a small/medium ramekin add 1tsp of cool, melted coconut oil. Then add 2 tablespoons (TB) of mashed ripe banana, 1 TB of beaten egg, ½ tsp vanilla and stir. Next add 2 ½ TB of whole wheat pastry flour, ¼ tsp of baking soda and a dash of salt. Mix together and then stir in chocolate chips.Microwave for 60 seconds and then top with ice-cream, peanut butter or milk.

Recipe: [a target="_blank" href="http://thediva-dish.com/uncategorized/60-second-chocolate-chip-muffin/">The Diva-Dish[/a]

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8. Make The Perfect Loaded Potato

As winter draws in and our food becomes more filling, try this clever way to create the tastiest jacket potato by slicing and filling for the oven.

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9. Smoke Food Without Building A Shed

Lacking DIY skills? This homemade smoked barbecue is a perfect way to get that tasty smoked meat flavour. Buy a terra cotta pot smoker (or just a standard flower pot) and fit a charcoal grill inside.



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