11 Food Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

16 July 2013 by

Cooking doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, with our super simple food hacks, life in the kitchen suddenly got a whole lot easier...

1. Make A Perfectly Round Fried Egg

By frying it in an onion ring. This also gives your egg extra flavour.

egg hack

2. Stop Boiling Water Escaping From The Pan

By placing a wooden spoon over the top. No idea how this works but it does stop your hob getting all gloopy.

wooden spoon boiling hack

3. Save Time Slicing Pesky Cherry Tomatos

By sandwiching a few between two lids and running your knife through the middle. Salad in a second - easy!

tomato hack

4. Rid Your Stews Of Excess Fat

By using an ice cube to attract fat globules before scooping out with a spoon. Again, the science behind this one escapes us but ice attracts fat - who knew?

ice hack

5. Make A DIY Scented Candle

By surrounding normal tea lights with coffee beans.

6. Make The Perfect Packed Lunch Treat For Someone

By creating one of these adorable heart shaped boiled eggs.

heart eggs

7. Peel Garlic Easily By Zapping Them In The Microwave

The papery skin should just fall off, saving you from digging your nails in and ending up with garlicky fingers.

garlic peel hack

8. Defeat Hard, Unspreadable Butter

By grating it onto your toast.

butter hack

9. Stop Bothersome Bottles Escaping From Their Designated Fridge Spot

By using a simple bulldog clip to keep them in place

beer hack

10. Make Use Of Outdated CD Holders

By using it as a bagel lunchbox.

bagel hack

11. Make The Most Delicious Seasoning Ever

By crumbling Cool Ranch Doritos into a pepper grinder. (Or try Chilli Heatwave flavour if you're feeling naughty.)

doritos hack


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