15 February 2012

Grazia Goes Live: We Want YOU to Choose Our Big Fashion Issue Cover!

VOTING NOW CLOSED! Stay tuned as we prepare to announce the winning cover.

264 pages, exclusive interviews with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Agyness Deyn and hundreds of items you’ll NEED to have in your wardrobe… We’ve spent this week showing you how Grazia’s Big Fashion Issue comes together. But this is the BIG moment. We’ve designed two covers and we want YOU to decide which one we should put to press.

Pastel prettiness that’s reminiscent of Miami Vice… or an explosion of clashing prints… They’re two of the biggest fashion trends for this season but which do YOU think works best on the cover. We reckon the Dolce & Gabbana lace pastel dress shot in London – on a model who stepped in last minute – looks beautiful. But we also love the explosion of clashing prints featuring three amazing British designers: Jonathan Saunders, Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou. We live and die on our cover – it’s what determines whether we sell copies at the newsagent, after all! – so think carefully. This is a REALLY important decision.

Pastel Prettiness vs Clashing Prints

So watch the shoots in action above and vote using the poll above or tweet us at @Grazia_Live using the hashtag #GraziaGoesLive. But be quick… The cover prints at 4.30pm so we need your answers before then please!

And don't forget to give us your verdict on this week's Fashion Jury, check out Olivia Palermo's fashion week wardrobe, and edit this week's Fashion Charts for your chance to win a gorgeous ASOS dress.


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Emma Daniels (Wed Feb 15 13:17:31 GMT 2012): The second one! It's brighter, more eye-catching x.
Emma Lavelle (Wed Feb 15 13:20:29 GMT 2012): I love the colours of the first one, but the second one is more eye-catching and more 'Grazia' - I vote number 2.
FiFi Jezebelle (Wed Feb 15 13:20:41 GMT 2012): 100% the second.
Emma Jane Clarke (Wed Feb 15 13:24:50 GMT 2012): Number 2!
Aworla JKortajarena (Wed Feb 15 13:28:02 GMT 2012): Pastel Prettiness vs Clashing Prints? love them both but I like Clashing Prints more more more.
Angela Brimmer (Wed Feb 15 13:34:40 GMT 2012): clashing prints please!
Anna Dewhurst (Wed Feb 15 13:39:54 GMT 2012): Pastels please!
Caroline Ferry (Wed Feb 15 13:44:33 GMT 2012): PRINT
Jillian Page (Wed Feb 15 15:14:10 GMT 2012): Clashing Prints!
Leah Barnett (Wed Feb 15 15:19:47 GMT 2012): I think the 2nd Trio image looks fab!
Yasmine Choudhry (Wed Feb 15 15:19:48 GMT 2012): both are great have chosen the chalshing cover, looks very new & sure to catch readers eye on the newstand.
Tatyana Massey (Wed Feb 15 15:20:27 GMT 2012): pretty Pastels PLEASE!
Charlotte Cameron (Wed Feb 15 15:20:29 GMT 2012): clashing prints please! my vote won't work in box above!
Surabhi Shori Sharma (Wed Feb 15 15:24:08 GMT 2012): If you can't make it a double spread then two - clashing prints
Kate Parker (Wed Feb 15 15:26:22 GMT 2012): I say print the prints. x
Shelley Ann O'Shea (Wed Feb 15 15:39:38 GMT 2012): Pastel Prettiness for sure!
Aldana Oppizzi (Wed Feb 15 15:40:05 GMT 2012): Clashing Prints is WAYY more Fashion Forward! Such an interesting cover... the other one is a bit of a snooze fest - seen it a million times before zzzz - Vote for Clashing Prints!
Rocío Pérez-Íñigo (Wed Feb 15 15:51:30 GMT 2012): Pastel Prettiness!
Michael R Dunn (Wed Feb 15 16:07:03 GMT 2012): Pastel Prettiness for me, much less busy and confusing, also you can see the magazine name better.
Lello Ascione (Wed Feb 15 16:20:11 GMT 2012): PASTEL ALL THE WAY|!
Vicky Peacock (Wed Feb 15 16:22:11 GMT 2012): Clashing prints! The vibrancy from the 3 fabulous British designers really captures what is around this season.
Shibahn Singh (Wed Feb 15 16:32:12 GMT 2012): Pastel prettiness! So much more wearable and flattering.
Catherine Twomey (Wed Feb 15 16:45:01 GMT 2012): Pastels!
Jake Senfeld (Wed Feb 15 17:34:12 GMT 2012): print!
Ana Clara (Wed Feb 15 18:01:59 GMT 2012): The clash prints one.
Ana Clara (Wed Feb 15 18:02:19 GMT 2012): Or do a double cover.
Paul Arrowsmith (Wed Feb 15 20:09:59 GMT 2012): pastel pretty clear uncluttered complimentry.
Anna Dewhurst (Wed Feb 15 20:58:42 GMT 2012): Vile.
Edwin De La Renta (Sun Feb 19 17:32:58 GMT 2012): the 2nd one is sooo busy, soo cluttered, pastel prettiness all the way :)