14 February 2012

Choose Susie Lau of Style Bubble's London Fashion Week wardrobe!

Music: Your Eyes Are Glass by CinnamonGirl

You may have noticed there are some pretty exciting things are going on at Grazia towers. It's a week before our supersize collectors Big Fashion Issue is unleashed and in celebration of this monumental effort, we're bringing you - the best fashion critics and clothes lovers we know - into the middle of it. Your decisions will shape the issue, so are you ready for your next task? It's an exciting one....
Unless you've been living under some sort of rock, you'll be aware of blogger extraordinaire Susie Lau. Susie is the brains and style brilliance behind what must surely be the best darn fashion blog on this planet - Style Bubble. We're often fascinated by the different outfits she puts together and this girl - knowingly or not - is a street style photographer's dream. The layers! The texture! The print clash! The new undiscovered labels! Oh, the fun of it all. Grazia's Style Hunter bagged a one-on-one pre-fashion week peek into Susie's closet for Grazia’s Fashion Issue out next Tuesday. Yippee! But here's the part where you get involved… You can see the outfits first here and we want YOU to vote for YOUR favourite – which Susie will actually wear it to the opening day of London Fashion Week this Friday.

So, does your vote go to her Christopher Kane brocade dress with a kimono?

Or new brand Leutton Postle’s directional knitwear

Maybe her J.W. Anderson mash-up has your vote?

Or are you going with the sparkly Louise Gray ensemble?

Vote by telling us below or tweeting us using the hashtag #GraziaGoesLive. And check back on FRIDAY when you'll find out which outfit won - and see Susie wearing it to London Fashion Week!


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Niamh McHugh (Tue Feb 14 09:30:52 GMT 2012): I think the Christopher Kane look with the kimono epitomizes Susie's style and her ability to fuse unusual pieces together and create a cohesive look. The colour is stunning on her! x
Emma Glass (Tue Feb 14 09:55:58 GMT 2012): The Leutton Postle ensemble - classic Susie!
Gabriella Persson (Tue Feb 14 09:56:54 GMT 2012): DEFINITELY the JW Anderson look to win, those ALDO shoes are awesome!
Aimi Ismail (Tue Feb 14 10:14:00 GMT 2012): Lovin' the Louise Gray ensemble!
(Tue Feb 14 10:52:51 GMT 2012): Christopher Kane....just for the vintage Kimono.
Catherine Twomey (Tue Feb 14 11:15:38 GMT 2012): Love the Christopher Kane - the shape and the gorgeous minty shade!
Anna Jezewska (Tue Feb 14 11:30:47 GMT 2012): Christopher Kane.fresh look with a quirky twist.
Christine Macaulay (Tue Feb 14 12:18:04 GMT 2012): I say rock the J.W. Anderson mash-up. Work it babeh xx.
Alenka Cindrić (Tue Feb 14 12:27:15 GMT 2012): Christopher Kane
Lia Bistekou (Tue Feb 14 12:39:27 GMT 2012): J.W. Anderson!
Dominique Nicole Johnson (Tue Feb 14 12:55:13 GMT 2012): Definitely Leutton Postle, their beautiful pastels and patterns will be perfect for turning heads at Somerset House!
Caroline Gudmandsen (Tue Feb 14 12:57:11 GMT 2012): The J.W. Anderson mash-up is my favorite, but I think that the Leutton Postle's directional knitwear will attract more attention (in a good way), and that way, live up to her reputation, as the center of flashing blitz' from streetstyle photographers :)
Monica Biesebroek (Tue Feb 14 12:57:23 GMT 2012): Just love the Christopher Kane/Kimono mix! Looks great on Susie
Louise Welsh (Tue Feb 14 13:01:16 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle 100%.
Sophie Furniss (Tue Feb 14 13:03:43 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle - gorgeous colours and love the shoes!
Joy-Emma Martin (Tue Feb 14 13:05:51 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle. Pure genius.
Natalia Stiris Frang (Tue Feb 14 13:07:42 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle!
Clara Martin (Tue Feb 14 13:08:43 GMT 2012): I think Leutton Postle would be fun and exciting.
Claire Louise Brown (Tue Feb 14 13:08:55 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE 100%.
Kumiko Suzuki (Tue Feb 14 13:12:50 GMT 2012): J.W. Anderson!
Lo Blasta (Tue Feb 14 13:12:53 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle, no doubt.
Jon Yardley (Tue Feb 14 13:13:57 GMT 2012): Luetton Postle!
Jodie Keenan (Tue Feb 14 13:16:00 GMT 2012): DEFINITELY LEUTTON POSTLE.
Jan Postle (Tue Feb 14 13:16:26 GMT 2012): I may be biased but it has to be Leutton Postle.
Naomi Isaacs (Tue Feb 14 13:23:54 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE PLEASE.
Lorna Taylor (Tue Feb 14 13:24:32 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle definately!
Marlowe Tatiana Granados (Tue Feb 14 13:26:48 GMT 2012): YES
Daiki Takakuwa (Tue Feb 14 13:27:45 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle’s directional knitwear. hope I can see you with this outfits there!
Lello Ascione (Tue Feb 14 13:31:01 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle all the WAY!
Jenny Postle (Tue Feb 14 13:32:20 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle! I'm not the designer it's just a coincidence of name I promise!
Jonna Saarinen (Tue Feb 14 13:32:29 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle!
Tom Power Ranger (Tue Feb 14 13:32:34 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle 100%.
Blurb Musicpr (Tue Feb 14 13:33:29 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle 100%.
Sami Fitz (Tue Feb 14 13:35:12 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE FOR SURE!
Sky Anderson (Tue Feb 14 13:36:30 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle - perfect!
Lynsey Tidman (Tue Feb 14 13:46:43 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE
Catherine Smith (Tue Feb 14 13:47:52 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle
Sophie Rosenberg-Elliott (Tue Feb 14 13:50:52 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle :)
Cassandra Verity Green (Tue Feb 14 13:58:41 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle... Totes lush!!
Chloe Phelps (Tue Feb 14 14:44:46 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE! of course
Emma Kelly (Tue Feb 14 14:45:59 GMT 2012): J.W. Anderson!
Hannah Cope (Tue Feb 14 14:49:47 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE looks like a popular choice - I'll cast mine there too!
Josephine Amle (Tue Feb 14 14:54:56 GMT 2012): leutton postle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hanna Chang (Tue Feb 14 14:55:41 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
Kirsten Wilson (Tue Feb 14 14:58:23 GMT 2012): Marlowe Tatiana Granados DOUBLE YES
Louise Joyce (Tue Feb 14 15:12:27 GMT 2012): Most certainly Leutton Postle.
Maura Wilson (Tue Feb 14 15:28:24 GMT 2012): Louise gray
Lucy Henshaw (Tue Feb 14 15:33:05 GMT 2012): Has to be LEUTTON POSTLE.
Lixin Lim (Tue Feb 14 15:40:31 GMT 2012): Louise Gray please!
Suzannah Gardner (Tue Feb 14 15:44:17 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE
Charlotte Grace Georgina Harris (Tue Feb 14 16:00:51 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE. its on another level.
Julia Van Zanten (Tue Feb 14 16:03:39 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
Julia Van Zanten (Tue Feb 14 16:05:59 GMT 2012): VOTE Leutton Postle!!
Stephanie Turner (Tue Feb 14 16:28:09 GMT 2012): Definitely Leutton Postle!
Anna Ravenscroft (Tue Feb 14 16:28:12 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
Matt Wood (Tue Feb 14 16:30:17 GMT 2012): It's gotta be Leutton Postle!
Sofia Marianne Vincent (Tue Feb 14 16:31:11 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE fo sure.
Abbie Louise Ridler (Tue Feb 14 16:38:01 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE.
Isabel Exposito Alfonso (Tue Feb 14 16:41:55 GMT 2012): Always Leutton Postle, OF COURSE.
Denise Smith (Tue Feb 14 16:42:08 GMT 2012): leutton postle
Hija de Latinoamerica (Tue Feb 14 16:42:55 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle, most certainly.
Louisa Ham (Tue Feb 14 16:58:24 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE! It is amazing!
Olga Bocharova (Tue Feb 14 17:25:39 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE
Elisa Zampieri (Tue Feb 14 18:09:12 GMT 2012): My absolutely favourite is the Christopher Kane brocade dress with kimono
(Tue Feb 14 18:22:24 GMT 2012): leutton postle the future now.
Richard Malone (Tue Feb 14 18:43:33 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle. NO DOUBT!
Georgina Peck (Tue Feb 14 18:49:23 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle! Leutton Postle!
Sóley Sigurþórs (Tue Feb 14 18:52:50 GMT 2012): Christopher Kane brocade dress <3 Such a beautiful blend of futuristic and old. Plus the colour....
Alla Egilsdottir (Tue Feb 14 19:01:08 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
Dawn Yardley (Tue Feb 14 19:05:04 GMT 2012): Luetton Postle
Lucinda Dickens (Tue Feb 14 19:37:08 GMT 2012): Love Leutton Postle!
Gail Evans (Tue Feb 14 19:55:33 GMT 2012): Leutton postle
Deborah Hilliam (Tue Feb 14 20:13:08 GMT 2012): Leitrim postle gets my vote a s well.
Emily Cogan (Tue Feb 14 20:28:37 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle! Love the colours.
Dawn Daffern (Tue Feb 14 20:33:10 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle
Mio Kuromori (Tue Feb 14 21:24:09 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle for sure!
Josephine Leutton (Tue Feb 14 21:29:09 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle - YES!
Alexandra Doonan (Tue Feb 14 21:45:11 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle!
Natalia Eyres (Tue Feb 14 21:51:02 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle dream!
Wendy Wilson (Tue Feb 14 22:52:05 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle please x x.
Katherine Lavender (Tue Feb 14 22:59:33 GMT 2012): J W Anderson, because those shoes are TDF.
Ruth Wincott (Wed Feb 15 00:04:55 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE FO SHO.
Aaron Francis Walker (Wed Feb 15 00:07:26 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle fo sho.
Georgina Bavalia (Wed Feb 15 00:50:48 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
Ruth Brewerton (Wed Feb 15 02:33:45 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
(Wed Feb 15 03:04:46 GMT 2012): Louise Gray Ensemble Please!
Genna Louise Ingold (Wed Feb 15 09:34:38 GMT 2012): Wow... all of them please? I adore the Christopher Kane pastel green - it's a strong head to toe look, and the Louise Gray shocking pink strip does it for me...unique and feminine yet with that Susie flair... but I cannot take my eyes of those Leutton Postle SHOES! WOW!
Lucy MacDonald (Wed Feb 15 10:36:49 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle looks by far the best - look at the shoes!
Valérie Demairé (Wed Feb 15 11:12:59 GMT 2012): J.W. Anderson mash-up! :D
Ana Corbalan (Wed Feb 15 14:59:14 GMT 2012): Louise Gray Ensemble.
Francesca Harrod ✯ (Wed Feb 15 17:20:35 GMT 2012): Christopher Kane, pretty, fresh look :)
Daniel Thomas Postle (Wed Feb 15 17:41:23 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle!
Deborah Price (Wed Feb 15 18:53:57 GMT 2012): Louise Grey
Chloë Griffin (Wed Feb 15 20:09:00 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
Ruth Robinson (Wed Feb 15 20:09:28 GMT 2012): Why are you choosing Susie Bubbles clothes?! Are you a secret super-stylist and you haven't told me
Kirsty Pruce (Wed Feb 15 21:00:23 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE!
I WANT YOU TO KNOW (Wed Feb 15 21:08:13 GMT 2012): Leutton Postle ftw!
Camille Chapman (Wed Feb 15 21:14:05 GMT 2012): JW ANDERSON! ALDO RISE SHOES!
Victoria Doyle (Wed Feb 15 22:13:35 GMT 2012): LEUTTON POSTLE ALWAYS!