Top 50 Winter Coats To Buy This Weekend: Shopping Fix

08 November 2013 by

GALLERY>>>>>Check out the top 50 coats to buy this weekend...

1. Jaeger

Purple Wool Coat, £199, [a target="_blank" href=",en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_590054G_color=04000&dwvar_590054G_size=XS&start=32&cgid=women-coats">Jaeger[/a]

2. Jaeger

Faux Fur Collar Coat, £1,200, [a target="_blank" href=",en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_590048G_color=00100&dwvar_590048G_size=6&start=2&cgid=women-coats">Jaeger [/a]

3. Hobbs

Grey Coat, £319, [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/48. http:/">Hobbs[/a]

4. Hobbs

Blue Coat, £399, [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/47. http:/">Hobbs[/a]

5. Vince

Military Coat, £485.93 , Vince at [a target="_blank" href="">Shopbop [/a]

6. Scotch & Soda

Faux Fur Coat, £277.95, [a target="_blank" href="">Scotch & Soda[/a]

7. Maison Scotch

Check Jacket, £194.95, [a target="_blank" href="">Maison Scotch[/a]

8. Gareth Pugh

Neoprene Long Coat, £2,588.38, Gareth Pugh at [a target="_blank" href="">Shopbop [/a]

9. Dolce & Gabbana

Leopard Coat, £7,280, Dolce & Gabbana at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

10. Preen

Tartan Leopard Coat, £1,090, Preen at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

11. Eudon Choi

Blue Coat, £760, Eudon Choi at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

12. DKNY

Leather Sleeve Wool Coat, £778, DKNY at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

13. Rochas

Floral Coat, £6,085, Rochas at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

14. Sea

Check Coat, £720, Sea at Matches

15. 32 Paradis Sprung Freres

Shearling Coat, £2,595, 32 Paradis Sprung Freres at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

16. Maxmara

Belted Coat, £1,025, Maxmara at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

17. Giambattista Valli

Mohair Coar, £2,465, Giambattista Valli at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

18. French Connection

Boucle Red Coat, £200, [a target="_blank" href="">French Connection [/a]

19. Oasis

Faux Fur Collar Coat, £110, [a target="_blank" href="">Oasis [/a]

20. Sophie Hulme

Blue Lapel Coat, £682, Sophie Hulme at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

21. Antipodium

Black Patent Coat, £299, Antipodium at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe [/a]

22. Huishan Zhang

Wool and Lace Coat, £1,200, Huishan Zhang at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

23.3.1 Phillip Lim

Trench Coat, £855, 3.1 Phillip Lim at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

24. Richard Nicoll

Block Colour Coat, £1,445, Richard Nicoll at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

25. Paul Smith

Pink Coat, £445, Paul Smith at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardobe [/a]

26. Norma Kamali

Reversible Coat, £705, Norma Kamali at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns [/a]

27. Dries Van Noten

Embroidered Coat, £1,570, Dries Van Noten at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns [/a]

28. Roksanda Ilincic

Green Colour Block Coat, £2,670, Roksanda Ilincic at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter [/a]

29. Creatures of the Wind

Leather and Jacquared Coat, £1,210, Creatures of the Wind at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

30. Diane Von Furstenberg

Quilted Coat, £505, Diane Von Furstenberg at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter [/a]

31. Vanessa Bruno

Grey and White Coat, £625, Vanessa Bruno at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

32. Stella McCartney

Grey Oversized Coat, £1,940, Stella McCartney at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

33. Miu Miu

Stripe Coat, £1,560, Miu Miu at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter [/a]

34. Karl Donoghue

Pink Shearling Coat, £2,185, Karl Donoghue at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

35. Zara

Check Coat, £149, [a target="_blank" href="">Zara[/a]

36. Zara

Puffer Jacket, £129, [a target="_blank" href="">Zara[/a]

37. Zara

Black Coat, £149, [a target="_blank" href="">Zara[/a]

38. Muveil

Clear PVC Coat, £895, Muveil at [a target="_blank" href="">Avenue 32[/a]

39. Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Navy Parka, £1445, Felipe Oliveira Baptista at [a target="_blank" href="">Avenue 32[/a]

40. Alexis Barrell

Grey Mohair Coat, £550, Alex Barrell at [a target="_blank" href="">Avenue 32[/a]

41. David Szeto

Black Coat, £1,210, David Szeto at[a target="_blank" href=""> Avenue 32[/a]

42. Shrimps

Camel Faux Fur Coat, £495, Shrimps at [a target="_blank" href="">Avenue 32[/a]

43. Carven

Burgundy Coat, £1,020, Carven at [a target="_blank" href="">Avenue 32[/a]

44. Unreal Fur

Grey Faux Fur Coat, £195, Unreal Fur at [a target="_blank" href="">Asos [/a]

45. Asos

Green Coat, £250, [a target="_blank" href="">Asos [/a]

46. Topshop

Grey Curly Coat, £125, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop [/a]

47. Topshop

Pink Coat, £89, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop [/a]

48. Topshop

Sheepskin COat, £595, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop [/a]

49. Topshop

Purple Coat, £195, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop [/a]

50. Topshop

Camouflage Padded Parka, £165, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

You may have tried to avoid admitting defeat when it comes to wearing your trusty leather jacket despite the decline in temperatures – but there’s no denying this week the mercury has plummeted and it’s time to buy a winter coat.

But don’t despair, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – winter 2013 is the year to purchase the ultimate winter coverup. Never before have there been so many outerwear options, from super luxe to super affordable price tags and whatever style you could wish for. So, before you head to the shops this weekend, we have hot picked our top 50 coats that are a totally must-have!


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