The Top 50 Scarves To Buy This Weekend: Shopping Fix

31 May 2013 by

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1.Christian Lacroix

Printed silk scarf, £95, Christian Lacroix at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]


Print silk scarf, £195, Versace at [a href="/weblogEntries/28. http:/">Liberty[/a]


Tiger print silk scarf, £90, Kenzo at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty[/a]

4.Peter Pilotto

Geometric print scarf, £260.61, Peter Pilotto at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch[/a]

5.Vivienne Westwood

Money print silk scarf, £160, Vivienne Westwood at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty[/a]


Printed silk scarf, £195, Fendi at [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/3. http:/">Harrods[/a]


Cashmere and silk scarf, £770, [a target="_blank" href="">Hermes[/a]


Butterfly print scarf, £22, [a target="_blank" href="">Warehouse[/a]


Printed silk and twill scarf, £190, Versace at [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/4. http:/">Net-a-Porter[/a]

10.Lily and Lionel

Leopard print scarf, £100, Lily and Lionel at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

11.Athena Procopiou

Floral mosaic scarf, £190, Athena Procopiou at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

12.Athena Procopiou

Printed silk scarf, £260, Athena Procopiou at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter [/a]

13.Matthew Williamson

Rainbow scarf, £165, Matthew Williamson at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]

14.Ginny Litscher

Bee print silk scarf, £290, Ginny Litscher at [a target="_blank" href="">Avenue 32 [/a]

15.Alexander McQueen

Skull print scarf, £165, Alexander McQueen at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]

16.Mary Katrantzou

Printed scarf, £340, Mary Katrantzou at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty[/a]

17.Jimmy Choo

Printed sqaure silk scarf, £115, Jimmy Choo at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]


Heart print scarf, £120, [a target="_blank" href="">Beulah [/a]


Paisley print silk scarf, £60, Etro at [a href="">Liberty[/a]


Floral silk scarf, £25, [a target="_blank" href=",acc_5.9/3870869900">Accessorize [/a]


Multicolour print scraf, £130, Weston at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty[/a]

22.Jane Carr

Camouflage print scarf, £210, [a target="_blank" href="">Jane Carr[/a]

23.Orwell & Austen

Blue dip dye scarf, £180, [a target="_blank" href="">Orwell & Austen [/a]

24.Matthew Williamson

Printed bobble scarf, £215, Matthew Williamson at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]


Leopard print scarf, £340, Kenzo at [a href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]


Silk scarf, £195, Givenchy at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]


Print silk scarf, £15, [a target="_blank" href=",acc_5.9/3870834000">Accessorize[/a]


Paisley print scarf, £62.47, Carven at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch [/a]


Silk Scarf, £220, [a target="_blank" href="">Hermes[/a]


Print silk scarf, £275, Swash at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty[/a]

31.Athena Procopiou

Printed silk blend scarf, £185, Athena Procopiou at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter [/a]


Floral print scarf, £45, [a target="_blank" href="">Whistles[/a]

33.Marc by Marc Jacobs

Red print scarf, £135, Marc by Marc Jacobs at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty [/a]


Geometric print scarf, £85, Inouitoosh at [a href="/weblogEntries/27. http:/">Liberty[/a]

35.Julien David

Woven scarf, £287.91, Julien David at [a target="_self" href="">Farfetch [/a]

36.Orwell & Austen

Leopard print scarf, £230, [a target="_blank" href="">Orwell & Austen [/a]

37.Stella McCartney

Snake print scarf, £415, Stella McCartney at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

38.Temps Des Reves

Santa Cruz print scarf, £195, Temps Des Reves at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty[/a]


Printed scarf, £277, Swash at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch[/a]


Paisley print scarf, £27, [a target="_blank" href=",acc_5.9/3870821500">Accessorize [/a]

41.The Artistylist

Yellow printed scarf, £165.11, The Artistylist at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch[/a]

42.Anthena Procopiou

Multicolour print scarf, £289, Athena Procopiou at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty [/a]


Letter print scarf, £18, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]


Ombre cashmere-silk scarf, £310, Bajra at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns[/a]


Lace end scarf, £609, Valentino at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]

46.Amy Sia

Silk scarf, From a selection, [a target="_blank" href="">Amy Sia[/a]


Printed scarf, £272, Swash at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch[/a]

48.Tsumori Chisato

Printed Scarf, £223.12, Tsumori Chisato at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch [/a]

49.Stella McCartney

Leopard print scarf, £245, Stella McCartney at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns[/a]


Striped cotton blend scarf, £87, LemLem at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

This month saw the opening of Harrods' new Scarves, Gloves & Hats room. Doubling in size and relocating to the lower ground floor, Harrods have created a platform to showcase one of the largest selections of scarf brands from well known cashmere favourites such as Agnona and Bruno Cucinelli to hot new print champions Athena Procopiou and Swash. To celebrate, this Friday we have hot picked our top 50 favourite scarves available to buy online right now so click through our gallery above and get shopping...


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