Get Solange Knowles' Fruity Style With Our Top 50 Buys: Shopping Fix

26 April 2014 by

GALLERY >> Our top 50 fruity buys

1. Charlotte Olympia

Pineapple Bag, £895, [a target="_blank" href="">Charlotte Olympia[/a]

2. George

Fruit Print Bikini Top, £8, Bottoms £4, [a target="_blank" href=",default,pd.html?cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-AWin-_-George-_-Deeplink">George[/a]


Logo Sweatshirt, £155, MSGM at [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

4. Volcom

Printed Cap, £24.99, Volcom at [a target="_blank" href="$ja=tsid:13932|prd:59442&utm_source=Webgains&utm_medium=Webgains&utm_campaign=Webgains">Surfdome[/a]

5. Kate Spade New York

Wicker Lemon Bag, $248, [a target="_blank" href=",en_US,pd.html?dwvar_PXRU4740_color=769&cgid=ks-handbags-view-all#start=55&cgid=ks-handbags-view-all">Kate Spade New York [/a]

6. Maje

Fruit Palm Tree Tee, £110, Maje at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges [/a]

7. Mother of Pearl

Sneakers, £237.83, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

8. Sugarhill Boutique

Pineapple Top, From a Selection at [a target="_blank" href="">Sugarhill Boutique [/a]

9. Holst + Lee

Pineapple Necklace, £256.36, Holst + Lee at [a target="_blank" href="">Shopbop[/a]

10. Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen

Lemon Playsuit, £85.25, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen at [a target="_blank" href="">Shopbop[/a]

11. Clover Canyon

Bikini, £51.89, Clover Canyon at [a target="_blank" href="">Shopbop[/a]

12. Dsquared2

Silk Banana Print Top, £435, Dsquared2 at [a target="_blank" href="">Stylebop[/a]

13. Topshop

Stripes and Lemon Bodycon Dress, £29, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

14. Topshop

Pineapple Earrings, £13, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

15. Bimba Y Lola

Pineapple Necklace, £65, [a target="_blank" href="">Bimba Y Lola[/a]

16. Bimba Y Lola

Pineapple Earrings, £32, [a target="_blank" href="">Bimba Y Lola[/a]

17. Anna Coroneo

Pineapple Print Scarf, £65, Anna Coroneo at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

18. Wildfox

Fruit Print Swimsuit, $177, [a target="_blank" href="">Wildfox[/a]

17. Forever 21

Fruit Stud Earrings, £3.90, [a target="_blank" href="">Forever 21 [/a]

20. Eugenia Kim

Printed Silk Scarf, £130, Eugenia Kim at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

21. Mother of Pearl

Banana Print Espadrilles, £195, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

22. Carolina Bucci

Gold and diamond banana necklace, £4,620, Carolina Bucci at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

23. Alex Monroe

Charm Bracelet, £180, Alex Monroe at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]

24. Anna Coroneo

Watermelon Print Scarf, £65, Anna Coroneo at [a target="_blank" href="">Net-a-Porter[/a]

25. Love Moschino

Fruit Print Dress, £155, Love Moschino at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]

26. Rene Caovilla

Fruit Embellished Sandals, £895, Rene Caovilla at [a target="_blank" href="">Harrods[/a]

27. Carven

Net top, £113, Carven at [a target="_blank" href="">Farfetch[/a]

28. Zara

Fruit Print Trousers, £29.99, [a target="_blank" href="">Zara[/a]

29. Zara

Fruit Print Blouse, £25.99, [a target="_blank" href="">Zara[/a]

29. Alice and Olivia

Lemon Printed Dress, Hire £49, Retail £349, Alice and Olivia at [a target="_blank" href="">Girl Meets Dress[/a]

31. Sugarhill Boutique

Apple Sweater, £46, [a target="_blank" href="">Sugarhill Boutique[/a]

32. Charlotte Olympia

Cherry Bag, £895, [a target="_blank" href="">Charlotte Olympia[/a]

32. Venessa Arizaga

Bracelet, £205, Venessa Arizaga at [a target="_blank" href="">Lane Crawford[/a]

33. Adidas

Track Top, £55, [a target="_blank" href="">Adidas[/a]

35. Kate Spade New York

Lemon Print Dress, $398, [a target="_blank" href=",en_US,pd.html?dwvar_NJMU3339_color=723&cgid=ks-clothing-view-all#start=42&cgid=ks-clothing-view-all">Kate Spade New York [/a]

36. Kate Spade New York

Lemon Print Bag, $268, [a target="_blank" href=",en_US,pd.html?dwvar_PXRU4819_color=793&dwvar_PXRU4819_size=UNS&cgid=ks-handbags-view-all#start=43&cgid=ks-handbags-view-all">Kate Spade New York [/a]

37. Kate Spade New York

Lemon Slice Bag, $348, [a target="_blank" href=",en_US,pd.html?dwvar_PXRU4837_color=741&cgid=ks-handbags-view-all#start=45&cgid=ks-handbags-view-all">Kate Spade New York [/a]

38. Eugenia Kim

Fruit Print Head Band, £95, Eugenia Kim at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty [/a]

39. Manipuri

Lemon Printed Scarf, £105, Manipuri at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty [/a]

40. Mother of Pearl

Printed Scarf, £150, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty [/a]

41. Mother of Pearl

Printed Scarf, £125, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href="">Liberty [/a]

42. MiH

Watermelon Print Shirt, £222, [a target="_blank" href="">MiH[/a]

43. Kate Spade New York

Lemon Charm Necklace, $198, [a target="_blank" href=",en_US,pd.html?dwvar_WBRU7689_color=724&cgid=ks-jewelry-view-all#start=19&cgid=ks-jewelry-view-all">Kate Spade New York [/a]

44. Mother of Pearl

Fruit Shift Dress, £695, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

45. Mother of Pearl

Lemon Printed Shirt, £350, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

46. Mother of Pearl

Fruit Print Dress, £495, Mother of Pearl at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

47. Ancient Greek x Carven

Leather Sandals, £225, Ancient Greek x Carven at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

48. Carven

Banana Sweater, £180, Carven at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches[/a]

49. Julien David

Sea Fruit Print Shirt, £340, Julien David at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

50. Topshop

Tropical High Waisted Bikini, £34, [a target="_blank" href="$ja=tsid:19906%7Cprd:0RpXOIXA500">Topshop[/a]

It's time to use your daily outfits to up your five a day quota as fashion has come over all zingy this season. It appears designers were feeling fruity when they took to designing their spring/summer 2014 collections. From citrus fruits to tropical pineapples and bananas, worn head to toe or simply with a hint of pretty novelty jewellery, they can be found on everything from an elegant shift dress to your bikini when poolside.

Get Solange Knowles' Fruity Style With Our Top 50 Buys: Shopping Fix

Solange Knowles looked zesty at the Q&Q Launch in New York City [Getty]

Last night in New York, singer Solange Knowles was photographed carrying a Kate Spade lemon slice clutch bag. Already a big fan of zesty brights, Solange is often photographed wearing yellow, one of her favourite shades, but has given her look a new season spin with the New York designers playful clutch. It's one of the easiest and most affordable trends to buy into for summer and it's guaranteed to give any existing outfits an instant lift.

Get shopping with our top 50 fruity buys in the gallery above...


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