Top 50 Buys For Festival Season: Shopping Fix

17 April 2014 by

1. Oh My Love

Floral Crown, £18, [a target="_blank" href="">Oh My Love[/a]

2. Tatty Devine

Surf Necklace, £35, Tatty Devine at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges [/a]

3. Acne

Silver Smiley Face Trainers, £300, Acne at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns [/a]

4. Oh My Love

Printed Playsuit, £35, [a target="_blank" href="">Oh My Love[/a]

5. Toreau

Sweater, £610, Toreau at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns [/a]

6. Christophe Sauvat

Pompom Bag, £178, Christophe Sauvat at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

7. Adidas

Printed Trainers, £67, [a target="_blank" href="">Adidas [/a]

8. Wildfox

Sweatshirt, £100, Wildfox at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges[/a]

9. Love Leather

Red Leather Shorts, £320, Love Leather at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns [/a]

10. Ashish

Sequin Coke Top, £730, Ashish at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns [/a]

11. Kenzo

Fish Printed Skirt, £255, Kenzo at [a target="_blank" href="">Browns[/a]

12. Free People

Crop Top, £28, [a target="_blank" href="">Free People[/a]

13. Free People

Espadrille, £88, [a target="_blank" href="">Free People[/a]

14. Free People

Maxi Skirt, £128, [a target="_blank" href="">Free People [/a]

15. Free People

Green Crop Top, £28, [a target="_blank" href="">Free People [/a]

16. Joyrich

Graffitti Print Rucksack, £114, Joyrich at [a target="_blank" href="">Asos[/a]

17. Asos

Oversized Floral Hair Cliip, £6, [a target="_blank" href="">Asos[/a]

18. New Look

Pineapple Print Crop Top, £6.99, [a target="_blank" href="">New Look [/a]

19. Vagabond

Neoprene Sandals, £55, Vagabond at[a target="_blank" href=""> Asos[/a]

20. Versus

Chain Print Dress, £140, Versus at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

21. Prism

Snakeskin Espadrille, £210, Prism at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

22. Isabel Marant

Lace Shorts, £335, Isabel Marant at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

23. Isabel Marant

Beaded Suede Loafers, £535, Isabel Marant at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

24. Toga Pulla

Embellished Sandals, £320, Toga Pulla at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

25. Joyrich

Money Print Bumbag, £85, Joyrich at [a target="_blank" href="">Asos[/a]

26. Zimmerman

Black Lace Dress, £306, Zimmerman at[a target="_blank" href=""> Matches [/a]

27. Denham

Black tassel leather jacket, £680, Denham at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe [/a]

28. Studio Nicholson

Printed Tee, £125, Studio Nicholson at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

29. Le Sportsac

Printed Backpack, £130, Le Sportsac at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges [/a]

30. DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen

Tassel Scarf, £75, DAY Birger Et Mikkelsen at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

31. Red Valentino

Floral applique bag, £350, Red Valentino at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe [/a]

32. Christophe Sauvat

Embroidered Dress, £152, Christophe Sauvat at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe [/a]

33. Ancient Greek Sandals

Black sandals, £153, Ancient Greek Sandals at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe [/a]

34. Christophe Sauvat

Paisley Print Dress, £147, Christophe Sauvat at [a target="_blank" href="">My-Wardrobe[/a]

35. Office

Sandal, £35, [a target="_blank" href=",60/1591685639">Office[/a]

Band of Gypsies

Printed Dungarees, £40, Band of Gypsies at [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

37. Topshop

Peony Garland, £16, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

38. Topshop

Hooded Parka, £55, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

39. Topshop

Denim Shorts, £32, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

40. Topshop

String Vest, £22, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop[/a]

41. Mini Cream

Baseball Jacket, £140, Mini Cream at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges [/a]

42. Maje

Leopard Print Jacket, £165, Maje at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges [/a]

43. Topshop

Printed MOM Jeans, £42, [a target="_blank" href="">Topshop [/a]

44. MCM

Floral Backpack, £725, MCM at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges[/a]

45. Mini Cream

Denim Dress, £100, Mini Cream at [a target="_blank" href="">Selfridges [/a]

46. Asos

Sunglasses, £15, [a target="_blank" href="">Asos[/a]

47. Minkpink

Red Floral Dress, £55, Minkpink at [a target="_blank" href="">Asos[/a]

48. Kenzo

Slogan Sweatshirt, £215, Kenzo at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

49. Sophie Hulme

Black Backpack, £625, Sophie Hulme at [a target="_blank" href="">Matches [/a]

50. H&M

Cream Dress, From a Selection, [a target="_blank" href="">H&M[/a]

Last weekend we enjoyed following model Poppy Delevingne on her second hen do at Coachella (aptly called Popchella) and got serious sibling envy as Beyonce and Solange performed on stage together - and not to mention some of our favourite outfits from the California based music festival.

So as we get ready for another weekend of festival fun at Coachella 2014, it's high time we started planning our festival outfits for the summer months ahead. Tickets are bought, lineups have been confirmed and all that's left are street-style-worthy outfits to shop - and luckily, we're here to help!

The best looks at Coachella >>

With the long weekend ahead of us, it's the perfect opportunity to snap up some key festie pieces so we've picked 50 of the coolest buys. For more of the latest looks and tips, stay tuned to our festival channel right here. For now, it's time to shop!


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