Sunday Staples: The 20 Best Boyfriend Jeans

02 February 2014 by

Its hard to remember what we did before we realised the appeal of masculine, low slung, low-key boy’s jeans. Sundays were certainly far less louche and insouciantly sexy. Because as everyone knows, the whole point of boyfriend jeans is that just-out-of-bed vibe. Whether or not you happen to be able to steal said denims from your other half, boyfriends suggest all kinds of sharing beyond simple wardrobe swapsies. 


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Achieving the look is sadly, not without pitfalls. A debate rages on the merits of proper men’s cut jeans versus the more feminine ‘skinny boyfriend’. One thing is for sure: one size does not fit all. Just like nailing the perfect, bum-enhancing skinny, you’ve got to kiss many-a frog to find you denim prince. For the vertically impaired the challenge is stiffer, especially if you’re wanting to work boyfriends with flats for a properly casual look. One tip is to make sure that the cut is slimmer through the thigh. A waistband that comfortably slips down to the top of your bottom cheeks is also essential - anything too tight around you waist is a no-no.

When it comes to washes and distressed details, authenticity is important. The classic Levi's blue jean, with well washed or well worn rips is one thing, a scary, stringy jean that is more tear than trouser quite another. Some iconic boyfriend styles include JBrand’s Aiden and Current Elliot’s The Boyfriend. Both are cut taking the female form into account. True men’s jeans or unisex vintage styles like Levis 501s are more likely to be baggy on the derriere so require more caution and often belting to hang on the hips. Marc Jacobs’ deep indigo jeans for Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection are a great update on this cut for the new season.

Recent Celebrity Boyfriend Spots include Kate Bosworth in MiH, Gwyneth Paltrow in Current Elliot & Rachel Bilson in AG Jeans

As far as styling, the skill is in the roll. When the weather is disastrous, you might feel like compromising and leaving the ankle covered. This is a mistake. Instead team with a pair of high tops or ankle boots and roll the jean to hit the top on your shoe – the roll is vital for creating the right proportions.

Finally, when looking for pieces to match with your perfect boyfriends, remember the sartorial world is your oyster. From a simple Breton top to a chic Oxford to a silky soft tee, you can wear pretty much anything with your baggy denims. If all that has made you realise you’ve got a gaping slouchy jean sized hole in your wardrobe, fear not, because below we've got a selection of some of the best boyfs on the block. Happy Sunday!

Click To See The Top 20 Boyfriend Jeans On The Block

The Boyfriend £260 by Current Elliot

[a target="_blank" href="">The Boyfriend £260 by Current Elliot[/a]

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans £235 by Rag & Bone

[a target="_blank" href="">Distressed Boyfriend Jeans £235 by Rag & Bone[/a]

Pop Betty Boyfriend Jeans £190 by Acne

[a target="_blank" href="">Pop Betty Boyfriend Jeans £190 by Acne[/a]

Aiden £250 by JBrand

[a href="">Aiden £250 by JBrand[/a]

Phoebe Jean £200 by MiH

[a target="_blank" href="">Phoebe Jean £200 by MiH[/a]

Hayden Vintage Jeans £42 from Topshop

[a target="_blank" href="[209757|208527]&bi=1&ps=20">Hayden Vintage Jeans £42 from Topshop[/a]

Hayden Rip & Repair Jeans £42 from Topshop

[a target="_blank" href="[209757|208527]&bi=1&ps=20">Hayden Rip & Repair Jeans £42 from Topshop[/a]

Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans £310 by Victoria Beckham

[a target="_blank" href="">Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans £310 by Victoria Beckham[/a]

Baggy Fit Jean £269 by 6397

[a target="_blank" href="">Baggy Fit Jean £269 by 6397[/a]

Le Garcon Jean £255 by Frame

[a target="_blank" href="">Le Garcon Jean £255 by Frame[/a]

Parson Jean £148 by Isabel Marant Etoile

[a target="_blank" href="">Parson Jean £148 by Isabel Marant Etoile[/a]

The Boyfriend Jean £191 by Mother

[a target="_blank" href="">The Boyfriend Jean £191 by Mother[/a]

Boyfriend Jeans £29.99 from Zara

[a target="_blank" href="">Boyfriend Jeans £29.99 from Zara[/a]

1969 Deconstructed Boyfriend £49.99 from Gap

[a target="_blank" href="">1969 Deconstructed Boyfriend £49.99 from Gap[/a]

His Crop Jean £246 by Goldsign

[a target="_blank" href="">His Crop Jean £246 by Goldsign[/a]

Slim Boyfriend £29.99 from H&M

[a target="_blank" href="">Slim Boyfriend £29.99 from H&M[/a]

Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend Jeans £210 by Paige

[a target="_blank" href="">Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend Jeans £210 by Paige[/a]

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans £110 by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

[a target="_blank" href="">Distressed Boyfriend Jeans £110 by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply[/a]

Lexi Slim Boyfriend Jeans £40 from River Island

[a target="_blank" href="">Lexi Slim Boyfriend Jeans £40 from River Island[/a]

Blue Boyfriend Jeans £24.99 from New Look

[a target="_blank" href="">Blue Boyfriend Jeans £24.99 from New Look[/a]


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