8 Easy Ways To Pimp Your Instagram This Summer

08 July 2014 by

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1. Snap Your Packing

Packing is deadly. To relieve the boredom, put together small still life shots of your prettiest holiday wares for Instagram. This is ideal for showcasing your holiday buys and alerts your followers that you are about to set sail. Equals lots of likes.

2. Details Are Everything

From your layered jewels to summer sandals to travel totes, holidays offer plenty of opportunities to snap those little details that make your outfits stand apart from the crowds-on-sea.

3. On a Boat... Or Even Next To One

Nothing says holiday chic more than a trip across a vast expanse of water. Run with the theme and work nautical style on board for a meta insta-hit.

4. Find a Coloured Wall

Coloured walls provide the perfect backdrop for a graphic shot and immediately set the holiday tone. From Parisian doorways to Moroccan palaces anything goes as long as it's colourful.

5. Or Else a Shot With A View...

This one is self-explanatory, but never fail to appreciate the power of the vista. Always make sure you keep the foreground (i.e: you) very much the focus - otherwise it could be any other generic shot of the view.

6. When In Doubt Go To The Pool

Nothing gets the holiday green eyed monster going more than a shot of a beautiful pool. Go for blue based filters from Mayfair to Lo-Fi to pump the saturation of the water and sky.

7. Summer Dresses Rule

Always pack a few romantic summer frocks in strong prints and colours. Remember blue and red shots always get the most likes on Instagram.

8. Pack For Your Destination

Back to packing for a theme...If your soujourn is to Ibiza, pack disco ready looks, bohemian day wear and plenty of gold jewellery. If you're off to a festival go for classic field style staples - peasant blouses and cut offs. Heading to the Amalfi coast? Pack for la Dolce Vita.... You get the idea.

Who doesn’t love to hate a good holiday Instagram? While scrolling through shots of your besties on tour is sure to have you seething with envy, those windows into summertime bliss can also inspire you to book your own jaunt to the sun. From Tulum to Tokyo, Sorrento to Sicily, Instagram has become the ultimate holiday porn.

It is of course a truth universally acknowledged that it never rains on an Instagram holiday. Flight delays, hotels from hell and dodgy meals are equally non-existent in Insta-land. The same applies for your holiday wardrobe – there’s no place for a baggy cozzie or last year’s stained white dress on Instagram. To ensure you gain the maximum likes and followers during your hols, you want to ensure your stream doesn't become annoying. No-one wants to see blurry shots of your sandals, or badly framed snaps of a night out. Equally 15 uploads of the same beachfront posted within hour are unlikely to win you any fans. What your followers want to see are edited, beautifully romantic images of far-flung destinations and stylish holiday outfits.

If you are looking for some tips on how to create your own envy-inducing insta-memories and how to pack for insta-chic, click through the gallery above and let Grazia’s Senior Fashion Features Editor Katherine Ormerod – a seasoned Instagram explorer – talk you through the basics in the gallery above!


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