Calling All 'Divergent' Fans! How To Dress Fashionably For Your Favourite Faction...

23 March 2014 by

Calling All 'Divergent' Fans! Here's How To Dress Fashionably For Your Favourite Faction

Shailene Woodley and Theo James in 'Divergent'

If you have been seduced by Veronica Roth’s 'Divergent' trilogy and fancy yourself an Initiate, you might be inspired to channel one of the five dystopic factions which make up her fictional world - either for a party or hell, why not for regular life too?  With the UK release of the first instalment of the series set for release next week and bumper figures coming from the first weekend of showing in the States, if you haven't read what is being called this year's Hunger Games, it's time to swot up on the five all-important looks.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Chicago, Divergent charts the progress of protagonist, Tris (Beatrice Prior played in the film by Shailene Woodley) as she navigates her first steps of adulthood. Tris’ world is divided into 5 factions – each live totally separate and offer specific qualities from bravery to brains which enable their fragile society to operate. Age 16 each individual must choose which faction they will devote their lives to at the ‘Choosing Ceremony’. Should they decide to leave their home faction which they were brought up they will be alienated forever from their friends and family. No pressure.

If you decide to move factions you have to go through initiation into your new chosen group, with potentially perilous and lethal consequences. Now we’ve got that straight, its time to consider the fashion options for each faction...

1. Abnegation

Left: Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior in Abnegation. Add a Fashion Twist with Silver Shoes £65 from Kurt Geiger, Boucle Jacket £415 by Isabel Marant, Grey Scarf £200 by McQ, Grey Silk Dress £1435

First up you’ve got Abnegation, Tris’ native faction which values selflessness above all else. The dress code here is similar to that Amish look with grey being the chosen shade helping individuals fade into the background. The vibe is ultra modest with no skin on show – think Valentino-esque demure, but in a totally faded palette.

Should you wish to channel this the Abnegation dress code, we suggest the look above for inspiration....

2. Dauntless

Left: Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior in Dauntless Slashed Leather Trousers £3395 by Saint Laurent, Black Buckled Boots £60 from Topshop, Leather Jacket £595 from The Kooples, Red Silk Scarf £165 by Alexander McQueen

By far the coolest faction, Tris becomes an initiate for Dauntless - where the only value prized is bravery. Here the look is all leather, tattoos and rebellion, making Dauntless the only choice for the rock chicks out there. We suggest a wardrobe of ripped denim and Saint Laurent-vibe accessories to bring a fashion flavour to the fictional faction.

3. Amity

Below: Divergent Cast Members from Amity Faction Left: Earrings £125 by Pamela Love, Sandals £200 by J.Crew, Necklace £180 by Isabel Marant, Dress £96.60 by Matthew Williamson from The Outnet

The nicest of all factions Amity is all about compromise, peace and happiness, so is basically home for all you hippy bohemians out there. Author Veronica Roth suggests a palette of yellow and red for Amitites, but you could totally channel a laidback LA look for Amity - think long vintage dresses and Pamela Love jewellery - very Coachella.

4. Erudite

Top Left: Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews, Leader of Erudite Below: Navy Handbag £425 from LK Bennett, Suit trousers £330 by Stella McCartney, Suit Jacket £735 by Stella McCartney, Blue Croc shoes £58

The home of Divergent's smarty pants, the Erudite look is all about coming off as super intelligent. Glasses are a must regardless of myopia, and tailoring should be sharp. In the book, Erudite's signature colour is blue, so prospective initiates should certainly try and add in a dash.

5. Candor

Bottom Right: Zoe Kravtiz as Christina in Candor's monochromatic look Above: White Shirt with Black Necktie £625 by Dolce & Gabbana, White Watch £20 from Miss Selfridge, Black and White Skirt £235 from Joseph, Black Patent Shoes £360 by Jimmy Choo.

In this faction honesty is the only policy. With a complete ban on misrepresentation of any facts, Candor is the home of Divergent's lawyers. Suiting and a monochrome palette define the Candor look, add a Helmut Lang-style touch for a fashion twist on the uniform with skinny cuts and chic tuxedo tailoring.



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