Let’s Talk About Bucket Hats. Could You? Should You? Would You? Rihanna Says Yes

12 July 2014 by

Bucket hat celebrities rihanna eliza doolittle justin bieber pharrell

Bucket babes (and boys) include Rihanna, Eliza Doolittle, Susie Lau, Mia Moretti, Justin Bieber and Pharrell [Rex, Getty]

If Justin Bieber’s backing a trend then we’re usually quick to dismiss it, but there’s one thing in the popstar’s wardrobe that shares common ground with Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Eliza Doolittle – and we’re not talking about leather skirts, but the bucket hat. That little cotton canvas pull-on chapeau that was once a fisherman’s friend and nothing more than a decent sun and rain block has somehow, quite inexplicably, become a bit of an unpredicted must-have.

LL Cool J being cool in a bucket hat - even his sweatshirt has one on.

Samuel L Jackson likes them a lot and they were very popular in the 1980s when LL Cool J and pals favoured the style, but maybe the new trend boom is because we’re fedora’d out or bored of baseball caps? The resurgence has definitely been noted by menswear designers, but it’s not just the boys who are experiementing.

Whistles Spring/Summer 2014's directional hat parade [Getty]

Whistles styled up many of their S/S'14 show looks with a bucket, and now this ensemble topper frequently pops up on instagram in both high fashion forms (like the new styles from Silver Spoon Attire) and old-skool practical (think Kangol, Stussy or Supreme).

But can one wear a bucket hat without looking like a muppet?  Here’s a useless but strangely apt fact: in Australia they call these giggle hats. And to be fair, around the world they may cause giggles. So, what’s the solution? Here are three rules, call it a bucket (hat) list.

1. Don’t ever turn the peak up. You will look like a toddler.

2. Also, the brim shouldn’t ever be floppy. Because then you’re just wearing a kind of lame in-between hat. It’s all about structure and framing the face. See Christina Aguilera for what not to do (includes eye makeup).

3. Don’t opt for something waterproof with a handy chin strap. Leonardo Dicaprio made this mistake (minus the fastening) and aged about 40 years in the process.

RiRi updating the bucket with ladylike heels and plenty of pink [Rex]

4. Do glam one up. Lipstick and heels do maketh a modern bucket hat wearer. Rihanna is obviously your guide here.

LOLZ, that is a very high hat. [Getty]

5. Don’t wear one on top of a seriously coiffed do. Princess Anne, we <3 you="" but="" that="" was="" a="" waste="" of="" salon="" time="" --3--="">


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