Serve A Style Spin! The 10 Hot Buys To Get The Centre Court Look

11 June 2014 by

GALLERY>> 10 Hot Tennis Buys


[a target="_blank" href="">£14.90[/a]


[a target="_blank" href="/speechbubbles/ge5o4k9bq9ln">£115[/a]

American Apparel

[a target="_blank" href="">£21[/a]

Feiyue at

[a target="_blank" href="">£50[/a]


[a target="_blank" href="">£140[/a]

Links of London

[a target="_blank" href="/speechbubbles/xc95gt7lsu57">£120[/a]


[a target="_blank" href="">£285[/a]

Monreal London

[a target="_blank" href="">£165[/a]


[a target="_blank" href=",60/1672710060?awaid=79682&utm_source=aw&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=79682%7CShopStyle+UK&awc=2374_1402492921_33901282c3996a9a338c77bccd9edf3c&istCompanyId=a5878f77-5a08-4067-8ebf-aeff72525cae&istItemId=qwlpxwmm&istBid=t">£45[/a]


[a target="_blank" href="$ja=tsid:32619%7Cprd:79682&cm_mmc=AFFIL-_-AWIN-_-79682-_-0RpXOIXA500&awc=3539_1402492689_5784d325b6aa9a888e0027c22c1fa288&utm_source=Affiliates&utm_medium=79682&utm_term=na&utm_content=na&utm_campaign=na">£205[/a]

When it comes to endurance, sports-luxe is the Duracell bunny of trends. So now's the time to mix some Centre Court style into your summer look. Sneakers - from classic names like Feiyue and Dunlop - have seen a cool-kid revival, but bright white polos, A-line skirts and feather-light sports jackets also had grand slams on this season's runways: Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga and Lacoste smashed it with hi-tech fabrics and heels.

Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga [Catwalking]


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