How-To Do The Boho Braid

By Grazia staff - 18 November 2014

Grazia staff

We've lost count of the number of times that we've swooned over Diane Kruger's gorgeous braided up-do... Super-cute, a little bit boho and a little bit mis-shapen, it's the perfect style for both laid-back off duty days and for high-glam red carpet events. Unable to stand any more attacks of the green-eyed monster, we asked hair guru, Adam Reed, who has recently done the style on both Diane and on Sophie Dahl, to show us how it's done...

Step 1: Brush the hair out into a side-parting. Hair that's not freshly-washed and has a bit of little bit of slept-on texture to it works best for this style - hurrah!

Step 2: Taking three large sections on one side of the head, begin to braid the hair - starting at the top and working down towards the ear.

Step 3: Keep braiding down past the ear and around the back of the head just above the hairline. When you get to the other side of the head, wind the length of your hair into a regular plait that hangs down past your shoulder. Secure with a hairband that's the same colour as your own hair.

Step 4: Wind the length of the plait into a bun on the same side just below the ear. Secure in place with Kirby grips, (and PS - Adam's top tip for SS09 is using a variety of coloured grips..!)

Step 5: Ruche the hair up at the crown, pull out a few wisps beside the ears, finish with spray and rock the boho braid!

Adam Reed is from London's Percy and Reed salon, 157 Great Portland Street, W1W 6QS; 020 7637 4634,


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