Are Stuart Weitzman’s 50/50 Boots This Year's Most Surprising Must-Have Footwear?

By Hannah Almassi - 12 November 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

Are Stuart Weitzman’s 50/50 Boots This Year's Most Surprising Must-Have Footwear?

Above: Olivia Palermo, Emma Robert and Angelina Jolie are all fans of Stuart Weitzman's 50/50 boots

Usually these things start on the runways, but we urge you to forget Wang or Givenchy for a millisecond, because there’s an in-store 'It' boot phenomenon a-happening at Russell and Bromley, which until now has flown under the radar and been unreported.

We discovered this new craze purely by accident when deciding to buy a pair of very unassuming, chic-but-not-flashy, brilliant winter boots. You know the kind of flat, cosy ones you’ll wear ALL season long? We’re talking about Stuart Weitzman’s 50/50 boots. Don't know them yet? Plenty of fashion editors have done for years. And you soon will too. The busy store assistants informed us (after not being able to locate any stock in the right size because of said on-the-street popularity) that they're selling them every few minutes, in multiples, and that a pre-order list is now quickly growing for a new drop hopefully arriving some time in December. Hotcakes or what?


The 50/50 boots comes in everything from crystal studded black suede to this gorgeous wine shade

You’ll understand the 50/50 name when you see that no matter what colour or finish they come in, they’re half suede or leather at the front, and half ultra-elastic at the back. Because of this clever leg flattery we instantly came to the conclusion that it’s the winning fit-all-calves concept causing the sell-out. It’s true they’ll suit each and every girl, but a little further investigating and we discovered that the chic 50/50 OTK has a celebrity roll-call, too. Olivia Palermo, Angelina Jolie, Leighton Meester, Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts, amongst many others, are all in the know about these £365 boots.


Style bloggers Style Decorum and Qkxlj are bringin attention to the 50/50

Russell & Bromley have actually been stocking this style for years, but with the above A-list approval and, randomly, one of China’s most influential style blogs – called Qkxlj and hosted by stylish twin sisters – creating a buzz overseas, they’re flying off the shelves. Who’d have thunk it, eh?

Russell and Bromley will soon be launching their online store, but for now, use this stockist number if you want to try and track a pair down. Good luck! (020 7629 6903)


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