Pixie Geldof & Ashley Williams To Launch FunkyOffish Jewellery Line On MyFlashTrash.Com From £9.99

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Pixie carrying a totally FO clutch from Ashley Williams

While not yet in the Oxford Dictionary (just you wait) there’s a good backstory to the term: the funkyoffish collective came to life when pals Pixie Geldof and fashion designer Ashley Williams coined the term to explain what they needed to wear for a meeting with a lawyer. ‘Twas a necessity to look smart for such an official occasion but also funky, and so, this very peppy portmanteau was born. And it may have more fashion meaning that you first realise. Yes, it’s about an alleged humorous style mash up, but it can also be employed to describe the unexpected cool of anything and everything: from an old snap of Chloe Sevigny playing guitar in a circus leotard through to next season’s Chanel backpack. A fish can be funkyoffish, so can a campaign shoot. See? Simple.

The FunkyOffish jewellery line will launch onto MyFlashTrash.com

Ashley Williams told Grazia earlier in the year that an accessories line was on the way, and here it is. The official funkyoffish – or, if that’s even too long for you, FO - jewellery collection consists of eight pieces hinged around the tacky-kitsch of gold name bling and hoop earrings. We’ve all been smitten with Ashley’s cute animal bags on the runway (next season’s shark clutch is killer), but with prices for the jewellery collection starting at a very nice £9.99, everyone can get a slice of the FO pie on MyFlashTrash.com from January.


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