Would YOU Let A Star Give You A Tattoo?! Cheryl Cole Is The Latest To Take Up Tattooing

28 October 2013 by

[Instagram @ladyccole]

Tattoo trends come and go. In the 90s it was all about the barbed wire arm band, then the red rose on the shoulder, then came the star on the wrist and the swallow on the back. Well the latest it tat is to have a sketch scribbled by a celebrity. Cheryl Cole is the latest star to pick up a needle, as she has posted a series of pictures of her tattooing an unidentified gentleman on Instagram.

Cheryl is a tattoo veteran, who could forget that rose number all over her behind, so let's take a look at her tattooing skills. Well the end result is a little bit, err, rough, as Chez sketched the outline of sunglasses, a red heart and two 5 point stars. It looks like something you'd find in a secondary school notebook, rather than on someone's calf. 

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[Instagram @ladyccole]

Cheryl joins a long list of stars who have taken up tatttoing. Mr Bang Bang, the man who has inked Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Rita Ora (to name a few), always asks his starry clients to have a go on his own skin. He has an 'autograph' leg which includes a peppermint logo drawn by Katy Perry, a muscly mouse with the caption 'swaggy' by Justin Beiber and an umbrella with a R by his first celebrity client Rihanna.

Cara D sketched her initials onto Mr Bang Bang and then when in Rio scribbled a cartoon dog onto a lady named Deborah. To prove that the hand in the Instagram really is hers, Cara also shared a video of her inking Debs where she has a corker of a concentration face - you can see those eyebrows clench.

So would you let an untrained A lister come at your skin with a needle? We have SERIOUS reservations. Take a look at celebrity 'tattoo artists' in the gallery below...


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