When They Were Kids: New Mystery Blogger Imagines Designers as Babies

22 May 2013 by

When They Were Kids - Marc Jacobs

 When They Were Kids - Marc Jacobs just wants to wear his PJ's

We all like a bit of a giggle on a Wednesday afternoon don’t we? And there’s a splendid little blog doing the rounds just now, with a take on the fashion industry’s grand fromages that’s both cute and funny – in an old school sketchy style like Garfield or US characters Calvin and Hobbes.

When They Were Kids: The Fashion Cartoon Blog is a blog of fashion cartoons where designers, editors and other fashion characters are imagined when they were kids. Sample quote – a baby with a ponytail, shades and fan is saying ‘When I grow up I want to be Karl Lagerfeld’ and a toddler Anna Wintour demanding to sit in ‘the front row’ at a puppet show.

 When They Were Kids - Karl Lagerfeld

When They Were Kids - Karl Lagerfeld

Unusually for one of our favourite blogs, the creative force behind the sketches has chosen to remain anonymous, rather than taking the credit for the lolz. This can mean one thing and one thing only; it’s someone who works in fashion themselves!

The Blog Stylecaster tracked down the blogger ‘Fashion Cartoonist’ who preferred not to be named.

They said this; ‘I’m a professional in the industry, so inspiration is really all around me every single day. When people have such creativity, attitude, genius … I really believe it must have shown somehow when they were kids. And so I try to imagine how they could have been.’ He or she also said that, for now, ‘I prefer to hide behind my pen.’

When They Were Kids - Anna Wintour

What a brilliant mini-mystery! Wonder if they’ll end up unmasking themselves like DKNY Pr Girl and Disney Roller Girl did after their anonymous blogs became successful? Watch this space!


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