'We'll Say Anything, We're Vicious!' Khloe Kardashian Talks Kim And Kourtney Exclusively To Grazia

20 March 2014 by

Khloe Kardashian might just be our favourite Kardashian sister. Outspoken, funny and uber-chic, she's the queen of #realtalk on Twitter and in real life. We caught up with her to chat about the new Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy as well coordinating her style with her sisters, getting ready for the Oscars and the 'vicious' wardrobe criticism she sometimes needs to hear. 


Grazia Daily: You and Kim both wore red at the Oscars – did you plan to co-ordinate?

Khloe: No, we do not plan to coordinate! In Miami the other day, Kim, Kylie and I all were wearing blush tones. Sometimes we look like a singing group, I don't get it. People think that we coordinate or that we think this out. We don't have time to coordinate, we don't live together!

Kim actually had a wardrobe malfunction and got her dress on the morning of the Oscars so we didn't know about our colours until that day.


Grazia Daily: How did you decide what to wear for the Oscars?

Khloe: I actually tried on 50 dresses, but then you try on and some don't fit you. I was going through about three and I wasn't sure which I would wear. My dress was velvet and with velvet it's hit or miss. It could go bad really quickly. I was wary about it but I tried on so many other looks and that one laid on my body so well. felt really sexy and pretty.

Grazia Daily: Was it awkward or were you cool about it?

Khloe: It's all good, I don't mind matching at all! They were two totally different dresses and I think Kim looked stunning in hers.

Grazia Daily: If you could raid anything from your sisters' wardrobes what would you take?

Khloe: Kim has really great outerwear so I'd probably raid her coat closets. Kourtney has really cool accessories. She has all my mom's vintage Moschino earrings. 

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Grazia Daily: Are you honest with each other about your outfits?

Khloe: Brutally honest about our outfits to each other! We say 'you look so ugly take that off!' We say anything, we're vicious, we do not care! That's the beauty of having sisters!

Grazia Daily: How do you react when your sisters say things like that?

Khloe: I think we react pretty well. Kourtney doesn't care. She's like 'I don't care guys, I'm a mom!' She takes it so well. Kim's really hard on herself! She pretty much knows if she looks bad or good. I need to hear it. Sometimes I think I look so cute and I need to be shot down like 'no, you cannot leave the house like that!'

Grazia Daily: Are there outfits in particular that come to mind?

Khloe: The other day I wore these jean-shorts and thigh-high boots and I thought I looked so cute and I saw a picture and I was like 'Eurgh!' My shorts should have been two inches longer in the back, my whole booty was out. If I was with my sisters they would have told me 'you cannot go out like that'. But I was not with them.


Grazia Daily: How long does it take for you to decide what to wear?

Khloe: It depends on the day. Sometimes it can be really quick and it'll take five minutes and I'll throw it on but then I do have those moments where I've had an hour in my closet and I still don't have anything to wear and I always go back to the very first thing I tried on. And I threw it on the floor and it's now so wrinkled!

Grazia Daily: Do you think about your hair and make-up first or your fashion first?

Khloe: I always do hair and make-up first. Even when I'm getting glammed up people always say 'so,what are you wearing today?' and I'm like 'I have no idea, I can't even think about it'. Sometimes after hair and make-up you feel way prettier than you had planned so you might wear a totally different outfit.


Grazia Daily: Who is your style icon?

Khloe: I take bits and pieces from each of my sisters. There'll all so stylish and Kylie now has this amazing sense of style. I always ask her to come in my closet and make some outfits for me. Other than that I love the Olsen twins' style. It's really chic and very fashion forward. Some of their stuff can get a little crazy but overall they have just really great style. 

Grazia Daily: Are there any trends you are still keen to try?

Khloe: I really love the long maxi skirts that are kind of high-waisted but long to the floor, I just have not been able to find ones that really fit my body well. We've been designing some. That's a trend where if you don't do it right you can look really big. I have to find one that's good for my body shape.


Grazia Daily: Why did you decide to wear the 'Fxck yo fur' coat?

Khloe: I just thought it was fun! People take their clothes way too seriously. I'm about people having their own choice with what they want to wear. I personally do not wear fur, but I think it's an individual decision. I don't judge people for not wearing real fur but I just thought it was a statement and it was fun.

Grazia Daily: Are you pleased with the reaction?

Khloe: People are just idiots because they thought it was real fur. I just don't understand. Everyone was saying I'm 'such a hypocrite' and 'why am I wearing real fur'?! I don't know if people really got it.

[Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy]

Grazia Daily: Which are your favourite pieces from your Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy collection?

Khloe: We have some really great jumpsuits in and I love our jumpsuits. Our lace one did so well in our last collection that we're redoing it. I love our faux-leather pencil skirts and there is this mesh dress that I love, it's really sexy. We have a matching crop top and skirt to go with it.

Grazia Daily: You've just started a kids line – do you all prefer designing for kids or your adult lines?

Khloe: I think designing for kids is SO fun. You get to do cute little tutus and everything's sparkly and sweet. It's just really sweet to design for kids. Adults are more picky. It's too totally different worlds. With adults we like to be sexy and have those really tight dresses and with kids it's the complete opposite - really froo-froo-y and cute. They let us be creative in two totally different ways.

The Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy is available in selected Lipsy stores and at www.lipsy.co.uk


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