We Talked To Foxes About Burgers, Crop-Tops And Her Latest Collaboration With Adidas

31 July 2014 by

Foxes does sportswear + 'mom' jeans for Adidas Energy Boost

Sportswear is so haute right now - it's mixed with high-end designer looks and papped-to-death at fashion week shows, trainers appeared on the Chanel Couture catwalk and crop-tops and street-inspired pieces are spotted on just about every celeb from Rihanna to Beyonce. So it's no suprise that Adidas are launching one hot new collab after the other; their latest, launching today, is the new Energy Boost and kooky-cute singer Foxes (her bubblegum pop has an edge that the fashion-crowd adore) is fronting the new campaign... we caught up with her to see exactly how she wears her kit and whether she wears that trademark eyeliner to the gym:

Grazia Daily: Well done on your Grammy – we heard you nearly missed the awards ceremony because you were busy eating a burger – what’s your favourite?

Foxes: Oh, like an extra topping on a burger? There are some amazing burger places in London at the moment, places like Shake Shack and Lucky Chip.  I like a classic burger with just lettuce and tomato, is that boring?

Grazia Daily: Where do you keep your Grammy?

Foxes: The funniest thing happened. It took ages to arrive. I walked into my door and there was a brown box and I just picked it up thinking it was furniture parts I’d ordered online. So I took it upstairs, put it in the kitchen and just left it, thinking I’ll open it up when I get back from the studio.  I came back in and thought ‘I need to put this up’...and when I opened it, it was gold! I was like ‘GRAMMY!!!’ It was quite shocking!

Grazia Daily: So where is it now?

Foxes: It’s at my mum’s now because I don’t trust it at mine! I don’t know where I’d put it.

Grazia Daily: Do you wear a lot of sportswear?

Foxes: I do. The thing I love most about sportswear is making a tracksuit sexy.  Crop tops are great on stage… the adidas ones are amazing. I’ve been wearing them on the shoot today - mixing and matching them with the new adidas Energy Boost trainers. They both come in loads of bright colours. 

Foxes looking hot in her gym kit

Grazia Daily: How do you mix it into your look?

Foxes: I love mixing sportswear with vintage as well.  It’s the oddest match but it works really well. There’s something I love around the uniqueness of adding vintage to sportswear. My mum has a vintage store in Brick Lane so I use a lot of her ideas and her clothes. On the adidas shoot today I had some denim shorts and ‘mom jeans’ going on, and was mixing them with all the bright coloured sportswear. It was really good fun, and so nice to be able to add my personal style to the adidas clothes that I like to wear anyway.

Grazia Daily: Trainers on the red carpet – yes or no? and why?

Foxes: I think no because I wear them every day and what’s nice about the red carpet is that you want to feel elegant, almost like you scrubbed up to your best. I guess you can sort of be a more polished version of yourself.

Grazia Daily: What do you like about the new Energy BOOST from Adidas then?

Foxes: They’re great. They feel like you’re running on clouds! It’s like a hug to the feet. I’ve been wearing them on the shoot today in all the different colours. I love the fact that you can match your sports bra to the shoes - I’m going to be doing that all the time now. There’s something exciting about going to work out when your outfit matches.

The new super sweet Boost in berry-pink

Grazia Daily: How do you keep fit?

I’m not always in the gym. I’m not a gym bunny.  I exercise more to have fun, running to see cities when I’m on tour, doing yoga… I guess exercise makes you feel good and on tour it’s so important to be at your best. If you’ve got no energy it’s really hard work. So tour is where I train mostly – on and off stage.

Grazia Daily: Do you wear your eyeliner to the gym?

Foxes: No way! I see people with full make up on and think it seems crazy. Take that make-up off and exercise!

Grazia Daily: What’s in your work out kit?

Foxes: Currently there is a bottle of water, the adidas Energy Boost trainers, a good sports bra, and usually leggings.  
What one item can you take from the gym, into your everyday wardrobe? Crop tops - the sports bras. I wear them on stage. I think they’re really comfortable. They’re as useful for the gym as they are on stage - I’m just as active on stage. That’s probably where I exercise the most. I’m jumping up and down, so they’re good support!

Grazia Daily: What are your festival wardrobe essentials?

Foxes: Dry shampoo and Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara.

Grazia Daily: You love a musical collaboration – who would you love to work with next?

Foxes: I’m going to give it a break because I went in hard on the collabs last year.  But I wouldn’t mind doing something with Eminem. That would be fun.

Thanks Foxes! Now get us a pair of those poppy beauties, stat!



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