25 Years Of Kate Moss: Why Dolce & Gabbana, Philip Green And Others Think Kate's SO Great

29 May 2013 by

Kate Moss is one of the most loved, most successful and most genuine of all the fashion industry stalwarts. She’s been adored the world over for the past 25 years and in this week’s issue of Grazia we’re celebrating her silver jubilee with a whopping 13 page special - charting everything from her most influential fashion looks (you can vote for your all-time favourite) to the high profile men in Mossy's life.

Many of us have admired from afar, but plenty of fashion’s insider have had the chance to work, hang and become pals with Mossy. And they’ve revealed to us why the Croydon-girl-done-good is just so very awesome…


Kate in Rag & Bone's latest campaign - shot in her fave place, the Cotswolds!

"Kate’s got this effortless quality about her – in her personal style and her attitude – and that is something that really resonates with us as a brand. Looking for the next Kate is like looking for the next Christopher Walken, it’s not possible. There is no next Kate, Kate is Kate."


Kate and Terry at the shoe designer's recent pop-up store launch

"Our fascination with Kate endures because she has a kind of beauty which isn't really about beauty in the classical sense. She has a personality which makes everyone feel she is accessible. She is enigmatic and she's a bit of a raver - and that is really appealing. Kate's been wearing my shoes for years, most notably on her birthday party's when she's really glamming it up and she's going to be doing a lot of dancing! she's got my Margaux wedges in Black Gold and Silver, Green Marguerite stilettos, my classic python winklepickers, 70s block heel Zia's and a special couture shoe that I made her for her wedding night! the details of which I had better keep secret...."


Kate with Philip in 2009 opening the first Topshop in NYC

"For me, Kate just gets it.  Her style is always spontaneous and fresh, and her sense of fun shines through.  She has never taken herself too seriously despite the furore that surrounds her, the countless magazine covers, and the campaigns for incredible brands over the years.   We loved working with her at TOPSHOP, and Kate standing in our window on Oxford Street 
unveiling her Collection for the first time ranks high in my all time favourite moments within our business. Kate and I have created a very strong friendship where there is a mutual trust and respect. She works very hard and  deserves her status as a great British fashion icon."


Kate and Marc at the 2009 Met Gala

"When somebody is stylish rather than just fashionable you can’t put your finger on it. I think Kate’s attitude towards life, her character and the way she dresses is very specific to her. I can’t narrow it down to single things."


Kate in the latest Stuart Weitzman campaign

"She possesses a rare and inspirational beauty …which when captured on film is approachable to women. Kate Moss is a fashion chameleon with her style changing to bring out the best of whatever she wears in an unusually artistic way.  Kate Moss lives her work, whether it is seen through the photographer's lens or through that of the paparazzi's. In this way, her work is real, not staged. The inspirations from her images create dreams and dreams create desire, which then create trends. For a model to have such influence is her unique contribution to the world of fashion."


Kate carrying a Dolce classic - the Miss Sicily bag - and modelling in the duo's '94 show

"Kate Moss walked our catwalk for the first time during the Spring Summer 1994 Fashion Show. She had just started to appear on the catwalk, we immediately liked her because she didn’t have that innocence typical of young people that are unconscious about their charm and charisma. We chose a simple make up with an accent on the eyes. The hair was deliberately 'messy' and wavy as a tribute to the Norman beauty of some Sicilian women."


"Kate is very charismatic. As a person and as a friend all I can say is she gets so close, she gets under your skin, even just chatting about nothing important. I've never met anyone like her."


Kate and Donatella chat-happy in 1995

"Kate is truly unique. I don't know how many times I've heard people say they've found 'the new Kate Moss', however there never was and never will be 'a new Kate Moss', there is only one Kate. Loyalty and honesty are the best words to describe Kate, these qualities make her a star, along with her talent. She is lucky to be so truly beautiful. I've also been lucky to have worked with Kate for many Versace campaigns."


Mr Blahnik and Mossy in 2003

"Kate Moss is always going to be in style. She's just got it. She was born with an effortless sense of dressing. She will always be very chic no matter what she wears."


"KATE IS GREAT! Kate Moss celebrates her 25th anniversary in the industry ... (and Antoni & Alison too!)  we have to say that she is very lucky that A&A didn't decide to go into modelling 25 years ago - it could have been a very different story all together...
Why is Kate great ?....  She is like one of those fabulous pre talkie 1920s actresses  that can play any part, that say it all with a gesture or a look,  but you never hear her speak.... so you use your imagination and imagine she's as cool as you want her to be and has all the correct knowledge... we very much like Kate  - she has shopped in our shop  - so we know she understands."


La Moss modelling in Marant's Autumn Winter 2010 campaign

"I don’t really have a muse but Kate Moss is very aspirational to me. She has a timeless sense of fashion, and i was thrilled to work with her on my FW10 campaign."

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