WATCH: Kate Moss Talks About The Price Of Fame This Nick Knight Fashion Film From 1995

20 May 2014 by

Nick Knight's released a fashion film he shot of Kate Moss in 1995 - and it's must-watch material. The clip is shot like surveillance footage (including upside-down scenes) and features a 20-year-old Mossy going about an ordinary day.

Entitled 'The More Visible They Make Me, The More Invisible I Become', the film explores obsession, anonymity and privacy - big topics at the time because surveillance culture was just taking off. Shot from the perspective of a stalker, we watch Kate jump into a lift, head for a shoot at Madison Studios then get in her car to travel back to her flat. 

The clip is the second fashion film Nick ever shot and also the first time he had a shooting session with Mossy. She looks incredible the whole way through - sporting a chic (and very 90s) white wardrobe and high ponytil to go about her errands before changing into a sparkling jumpsuit for a photoshoot. 

The video plays out over a sinister soundtrack of techno music and disembodied voices. We hear people commenting on Mossy as she goes about her day. 'She has something, that natural beauty that most models lack,' says one person. 'There's something about her that distinguishes her from the other models. She never seems to look false or bland,' says another.

It's only during the final scene - as we watch Kate in her flat - that we hear the model speak herself. She describes how fame is 'freaky' and can be 'damaging'.

'You can be in a place and be leaving and everyone's staring at you, it's a kinda uneasy,' she says. 'I'd much rather they come up and say something than just sit there and stare. I suppose the money's not bad and getting to go anywhere at the drop of a hat.

'Just when it's really private and the press get involved it's really intrusive and can be damaging. When you don't know anyone in a pub but they know you. What I'd like to be in is a more stable environment I think.'


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