VIDEO: Karl Lagerfield’s Lessons In Work Ethic

14 March 2013 by

Karl in conversation with Harper's Bazaar

Have you ever wondered what makes an uber-designer like Karl Lagerfeld tick? Well wonder no more, because the latest interview he's given Harper's Bazaar reveals all a budding fashionista needs to know...

1. As a designer, never have a favourite piece from your show

“I love it [the Chanel globe miniaudiere]…but there are maybe a few things I prefer. But you know, I never say I like this better than that. I’m supposed to like everything, if not I shouldn’t show it.”

2. Don’t think it’s all glamorous – showing a collection is seriously hard work

On taking his bow at the end of a show - “I hate that. I feel in a way ridiculous. I’m a poor victim. You feel like a marionette. Then I do interviews for two and half hours in four languages.”

3. What food fuels the creative director of Chanel?

“Nothing celebratory. I hate that idea. I eat the same stuff all the time. I only eat steamed vegetables, steamed fruits, and steamed fish, and nothing else. It’s very healthy…I’m not tempted, you know. It’s divine to be beyond temptation.”

4. Sometimes, you might need to fake it…

“I can fake expressions you know, I’m a good actor. But I can only play one part, it’s me…I hate the idea of being an actor; I’m finally ready to live with myself so I don’t have to play somebody else.”

5. It is crucial to keep a pen and paper next to your bed…

"Ideas come when I sleep. I always have a paper next to my bed because I have very good ideas in the early morning just before waking up. I have very clear visions of what I could do, should do and want to do."

VIDEO: See the full interview below


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