Lindsay Lohan Launches A Fashion Blog Complete With Parent Trap Flashbacks

17 August 2013 by

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We hope Lindsay Lohan knows how to work an SLR, as has just gone live. Yes that's right, the starlet can now add fashion blogger to her CV.

The blog is a hub for all things LiLo, with past interviews, behind the scenes shots, trends pieces, Instagram albums and song playlists. It's like a Lindsay Lohan-centric Pinterest board. The galleries of shoes are great and all, but it's her homage to The Parent Trap which we expect will get the most traffic. What a brilliant beyond brilliant idea - it's even better than Oreos and peanut butter.

Lindsay writes: 'Apparently, I was a cool 10-year-old. Now, if I had a twin… haha.' We're with you Linds, we often daydream about finding our long lost American twin and living happily ever after in matching Ralph Lauren.

Parent Trap flashbacks []

Linds has high hopes for her digital venture, as the last paragraph of her bio reads: 'With every cadence and nuance in Lindsay’s career, her capacity to keep the public on its toes, guessing, and intrigued has been a key ingredient to her one-of-a-kind journey and fame. Poised for an epic return to the spotlight, undoubtedly all eyes will be locked on Lindsay.'

You know what, we hope she does make an epic return to the spotlight. Just keep up the the Hallie and Annie flashbacks, alright Linds?

LiLo online has got us thinking about other celebrities turned bloggers, from Jay Z to Proudlock. See which stars aren't phased by HTML and know what we mean by SEO, in the gallery below...

GALLERY>> 10 Stars Who Blog


The super private Beyoncé gives us a glimpse into her life with her tumblr I AM where she posts behind-the-scenes tour pictures, family snaps and close-ups of her nails and shoes.

Dianna Argon

Glee star Dianna Argon created [a target="_blank" href="">a blog [/a]when she was travelling in Australia promoting the TV show and she started posting pictures and the music she was listening to. Following it's success she set up a bigger website You Me And Charlie. The reason behind the name? She loves the name Charlie  and a psychic once told her that "You have someone named Charlie that looks out for you."

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has a highly successful lifestyle blog [a target="_blank" href="">Goop[/a] where she posts recipes, fashion how-tos and lists of must-have items. You can subscribe to the blog and receive a publication of Goop via email every thursday.

Zooey Deschanel

[a target="_blank" href="">Hello Giggles[/a] is you guessed it, a happy blog, founded by Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi and writer Molly McAleer. The blog says: "Everything hosted on the site will be lady-friendly, so visitors need not worry about finding the standard Boys Club content that makes many entertainment sites unappealing to so many of us." There are beauty tips, entertainment posts and there is even a cuteness channel with posts such as top 10 dozing dogs. Happy clicking!

Lady Gaga

On Lady Gaga's fan site and blog [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]she posts behind the scenes pictures, such as her tea date with Julian Assange, and gets the whole world talking with her posts, such as when she posted pictures of her in underwear to kickstart her body revolution.

Lauren Blog

Lauren's [a target="_blank" href="">blog[/a] is filled with advice such as how to do a floral manicure and sneak peeks of her fashion collection. Those days in the Teen Vogue fashion cupboard on The Hills clearly paid off.

Jay Z

Jay Z's website [a target="_blank" href="">Life + Times [/a]has style, leisure, music and sports posts. Jourdan Dunn also has a cookery show on the Life + Times YouTube channel.

Olivia Palermo

The uber stylish Olivia Palermo has a fashion blog [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]where she posts regular pictures of her outfits, trend reports and lifestyle tips. The fashionista posts features such as the proper etiquette for staying at a friend's house and what your manicure says about you.

Warning: You will be very envious of her wardrobe and perfect, perfect hair as soon as you enter.


MIC's Proudlock set up a [a target="_blank" href="">style blog[/a] where he poses in knitwear in front of a white wall. He likes to take pictures with his hood up and use props such as a broken umbrella. Maybe he's following the lead of Rosie Fortescue who was the first Chelsea kid to turn style blogger. Rosie's blog [a target="_blank" href="">A Fashion Forte [/a]is a chance to peek into her wardrobe, as she posts details of the items she wore in each episode and picks things she thinks we should all buy.

Whitney Port

The Hills clearly breeds fashion bloggers as [a target="_blank" href="">Whitney Port has her own blog[/a] where she posts her outfits and lifestyle tips, such as her fave 90s Chick Flicks and pictures of crazy pumpkin carvings.


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