Ultimate Model Lunch: Cara Delevingne And Kate Moss Catch Up After Walking For Louis Vuitton

07 March 2013 by

She’s been heralded as the ‘New Kate Moss’ by more than one fashion insider, so it seems fitting that Model of the Year, Cara Delevingne should pay homage at the altar of the one and only Mossy. As Mrs Hince returned to the catwalk at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris yesterday, she managed to squeeze in a lunch date with Cara at Le Meurice hotel. And while we have no first-hand account of the rendezvous, we like to think that Mossy was passing on her words of wisdom to the young pretender. Below are the top 5 topics that we wish did feature in Kate ‘n’ Cara’s conversational menu...

Kate & Cara Lunching in Paris

1. Hangover Cures

Mossy is the archetypical hell-raiser with a reputation for consistently being the last lady standing. From her legendary Beautiful & The Damned 30th birthday shindig to the term ‘getting Mossed’ – as coined by celebrity friends to describe the effects of partying with her, Kate is the Party Queen. However, young Cara is putting in a pretty strong bid to steal Moss’ crown with her non-stop fashion week partying and gang of soiree wing-women which includes Rihanna and Rita Ora. The question we all want an answer to is: 'How the hell do these two beauties scrub up so well the morning after?' Oh to be a fly on the wall.

2. Personal Style

Kate Moss is a timeless style icon who’s made a living selling her look to her adoring fans. Cara’s crazy street/high-end mash up is now influencing how the kids dress in much the same way. Perhaps they made small talk about the pros and cons of launching your own fashion line – don’t be surprised if Cara Delevingne for Topshop collection rumours emerge.

Kate Moss & Cara Delevingne Backstage with Marc Jacobs at the Louis Vuitton A/W13 Show

3. Romance

What girl’s gossip session would be complete without some man-talk? Kate is obviously settled with Mr Hince, but has had her fair share of beaus…Johnny, Pete, Jefferson etc, etc. So she’ll be well-placed to advise Cara on how to conduct her love life in front of the camera lens.

4. Fashwan Biz

Kate has pounded a serious amount of catwalk miles during her career, so could offer the young Cara the full down-low on backstage politics. We like to think she will be warning her about the wrong’uns and telling her who to befriend. Marc Jacobs is clearly on the good-guy list with both Cara and Mossy pictured giving the designer a big smacker backstage at the Louis Vuitton show.

5. Holidays

Mossy is a fabulous holiday maker, jetting to exotic climes or simply reclining aboard a yacht in St Tropez. Cara has been working around the clock for months and has already told Grazia she’s in need of some serious me-time. Cue Mossy’s version of Sawdays.com – lucky Cara might very well have gained access to the world’s chicest holiday little black book.


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