8 Things You Need to Know About Game Of Thrones (From A Fashion Perspective)

01 April 2013 by

Whether you’re a GOT aficionado (read all the books, with a worrying obsession with gameofthroneswiki) or a part-timer HBO series fan, you may not yet be aware of the George R.R.Martin’s profound impact on the world of fashion. Not only has the Known World of Westeros and Essos inspired a host of catwalk collections, but the young (and predominantly Brit) cast have already begun to storm their way on to fashion spreads and red carpets.

If you like a bit of epic fantasy with your fashion, click on the gallery below for our top 8 trivia on Game Of Thrones x Planet Fashion!

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1. Inspired by GOT: Rodarte Channels Brienne of Tarth

The Mulleavy sisters over at Rodarte were inspired by GOT’s blood-thirsty knights and ladies for their S/S 2013 outing. What was the result? Fringed leather, woven bodices and flowing damsel skirts, slashed to the thigh. Basically the Lady Knight, Brienne of Tarth with a high fashion makeover. What's not to love?

2. Emilia Clarke is our new Fashion Crush

Part Anne Hathaway, part Rachel Weisz, Emilia Clarke who plays the silvery haired Danearys Targaryan is not only a bonafide beauty in the old school Hollywood model, but she’s also making moves in the industry, currently starring on Broadway as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

3. Inspired by GOT: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

While Mr Tisci released no former admission that his collection was inspired by GOT you only have to look at the intricate leather capes and breastplate/ armour combos to see what was on his telly schedule for his A/W 2012 Couture Show. Plus Joan Smalls is pictures next to a direwolf-like dog in the official look images, a clear a sign as you’re ever likely to get.

4. Make Your Own Game of Thrones Costume

This is so beyond genius, we actually don’t know where to start. From eye colour to cape embroidery you can design you very own [a href="http://www.dolldivine.com/game-of-thrones.php" target="_blank">GOT costume [/a]for male and female characters. Plus you can arm them with swords and wolves. Clearly addictive.

5. Costume Designer Michele Clapton Takes Inspiration From Alexander McQueen

Emmy Award winner Clapton has told fashionista that one of Margaery’s (Natalie Dormer) dresses was inspired by the Alexander McQueen dress that Bjork wears on her Homogenic album. The site also notes a gown worn by Cersei (Lena Headey) with the same silhouette.

6. Inspired by GOT: Helmut Lang’s Another Fan

Lang did admit that GOT was an inspiration for his A/W 2012 collection - that red leather warrior dress is very Danearys.

7. Make Your Own Sigil (Or Label)

Another interactive joy, while making your own Sigil may not be entirely fashion related, you need a keen eye for design, colour and print – so basically the same right? For GOT novices, a sigil is your family symbol, like a coat of arms, or put another way, like a label for how you want to the world to judge you. Click here to make your own.

8. Kit Harington is our Male Lead Fashion Crush

Ok, he’s just our normal crush, but the Worcester-born soon to be (SPOILER ALERT) Lord Commander Snow looks pretty damn good in a suit too. Swoony.


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