Golden Globe Awards 2013: The 5 Dresses Dividing Opinion At Grazia HQ

14 January 2013 by

Now the dust has settled on another red carpet, and the flashbulbs come and gone, we’ve had the time to peruse, sit back and reflect on the fashion winners and losers of the Golden Globe Awards 2013. As ever, ceremony dresses ignite heated debates across our fashion team with few unanimous heroes (Helen Mirren) or duds (Heidi Klum, we’ve warned you before).

So we decided to highlight the five dresses that have most divided our opinion and present our judgements below. 

1. Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera

First up, Lucy Liu’s floral ballgown by Carolina Herrera has been labelled as too Cinderella-like for some tastes, but for Grazia’s Shopping Editor Lily Russo the choice added, “a welcome breath of spring elegance to the red carpet.” Fashion Editor Catherine Nieto agreed saying, “I love her floral fest gown - despite the fullness of the shape its traditional silhouette doesn't drown her petite frame.” 

2. Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet in a form fitting Zuhair Murad gown, so what was the verdict? While Lily sees J.Lo’s  minxy look as “sexy but obvious,” Fashion Assistant Caroline Ferry says “only J.Lo could make a long sleeved, high necked dress look nearly naked!”

3. Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton

Rachel Weisz accessorized her GG look with a broodingly handsome Daniel Craig, but what was our take on her fashion combo? Executive Fashion & Beauty Director Charlie Miller loved Rachel’s choice describing it as “fun, demure and dramatic all at once,” whereas Caroline felt the dress was “too fragmented for my tastes."

4. Halle Berry in Atelier Versace

Halle Berry’s Atelier Versace floorsweeper generated a fierce debate – did it “perfectly frame Halle’s jaw-dropping body,” as Charlie opined, or was it a case of “too much going on, with a hint of Angelina’s leg cleavage to boot,” as Fashion Intern Josh Newis Smith argued?

5. Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein Collection

The final dress to inspired both ire and awe was Jessica Chastain’s powder blue Calvin Klein gown. Where Josh was left cold by the pastelly colour choice, Catherine felt the colour was great on Ms Chastain's creamy skin.

So what are your opinions on all the dresses above? Let us know in the comments box below.


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Miz SaxeMeningenisalmostagraduate Anadobi (Mon Jan 14 17:20:21 GMT 2013): I love em all but my personal favourite is jlo's gown, she works it perfectly , it's moulded to her body and her body frame is working wonders for that dress, I love lucy's dress too, it's like a breath of frsh air, it gives her the looks of an english rose and she lokks so pretty, innocent and virginal in it. Halle can rock any cloth she wears and as usual, am impressed. Don't really like the powder blue dress.
Nave B Nave (Mon Jan 14 17:33:20 GMT 2013): long time
Patricia Fowler Pace (Tue Jan 15 00:48:34 GMT 2013): Lucy Liu's dress was my fave of the evening. Jennifer's was super sexy and so appropriate for her! Halle's was beautiful, dreamy, fun, but there IS such a thing as a slit that is too high! Not sexy, and unnecessary! Jessica's was just sad. She's so beautiful, but the dress was such a drab colour choice for her and the 'style' stood out because of the lack of it!
Fendie Taha (Tue Jan 15 03:21:13 GMT 2013): Lucy Liu's dress fits perfectly, but I disagree with the print it had. Its not the right floral print maybe? Looks like it was made from some old Laura Ashley bed sheet. Definitely a missed opportunity. She was such a stand out.
Emma Louise Elliott (Tue Jan 15 10:26:07 GMT 2013): Jessica Chastain's dress makes her look like she got 2 saggy breasts that resemble loose pieces of skin
David Fragoso (Tue Jan 15 16:19:18 GMT 2013): Hollywood is not what it use to be. stars were for us to enjoy and watch them do what they do best and that was to act. but now it got into politics and give bad advice. clooney and Bruce and all the rest of them have money to move to another country when obama destroy this one. it make me sick to watch them laugh at those who have to work to support those who can work but get 40000 a yr on unemployment. I have my own family to take care of '. I am middle class and obama lied about not raiseing taxes on me.
Jerome Mazandarani (Tue Jan 15 17:53:45 GMT 2013): Jessica Chastain's dress is unflattering and makes her look much older than she is. Her hair style doesn't help either