Fashion Jury: Tali Lennox Rates Her Favourite Red Carpet Looks

17 April 2014 by

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April 2012

'I wouldn’t wear that now, but it's fresh and feminine. it’s nice wearing white sometimes. Coachella is a very clean festival – I’d never wear that at Glastonbury!!'

July 2012

'I like print – it jazzes things up a lot. I like denim. I think adding boots makes everything looks cooler. I like being tomboy-ish, rough around the edges.'

April 2013

'This I loved wearing – I had a big 60s phase. I love the suit and my mum’s crazy disco ball earings. Those are some of my favourite shoes from Miu Miu – Miu Miu is one of my favourite brands. I have loads of coats and accessories from my mum – I have big leather jackets and big coats with fur collars. She always encourages quirkiness and pushing the boundaries – mixing colours and textures.'


July 2013

'Temperley is one of my favourite UK designers. This is good because it's kind of vintage. I love the mixing colours – it’s got a 70s vibe. I think hats always add an extra thing to an outfit. But it's not always about accessories, but I like adding something that makes it a bit tougher, androgumous and quirky.'

November 2013

'After I was like eurghh that’s really not very me. At all. I don’t dress up like that often so it’s fun going for character. I like trying different things. Here I was trying some weird pre-raphaelite thing. Afterwards I was like ‘why did you do that.’ I regret that, I don’t think I look good there at all. But I was experimenting  - I put a necklace on my head! A  really nice dress, just not very me.'

Earlier this month we headed to the Matches Fashion townhouse to speak to model Tali Lennox about the relaunch of the iconic sunglasses Silhouette Futura. Tali is the face of the campaign shot by Peter Lindeburgh, and she said to us about her role with Futura: 'It has been a brand for so long - since the 70s. I love things from past eras and I like how these are based on older styles.' As for the shoot she said: 'Peter is such an incredible photographer and is such a nice guy, so he's a priviledge to work with.' We talked to Tali about her style tips and then played a Fashion Jury where she talked through some of her former red carpet looks....

1. What do you look for in sunglasses?

'My favourite place to get glasses – it has a really weird name – is Fabulous Fannies. It’s this amazing store in the East Village which is all second hand glasses. They have mad mad glasses and they have real character. I love colour tinted glasses like pink or yellow – I don’t like looking too dark. They're good for a hangover.'

2. Your festival style tips?

'Practical dressing! There is nothing worse than being freezing. Burning Man however I go all out and wear costumes and jewels on my face. But you can become a different person and wear an all in one silver catsuit and wigs. That’s a dress up place – if it’s a UK festival everything comes back disgusting and muddy anyway. Wear wellies, a big hoodie and cut-offs.'

Tali Lennox in Futura sunglasses and Mary Katrantzou - available at Matches

3. Your favourite looks at the moment?

I've recently been more experimental, mixing prints – and for the first time into sportswer because is comfortable. I’ve given up on dressing to look nice – I just dress like a tomboy. Then when you dress up you I love it. I like old vintage t shirts as they're easy - I borrow my boyfriends Harley Davidson t shirts.

4. Heels or flats?

'I used to wear heels, now I’m flats. I walk everywhere in New York – I want to feel comfortable, light and easy.'

5. Favourite place to shop in New York?

'Thrift places in East Village, Arch Angel Antiques, Chelsea flea market, Brooklyn flea market and just random thrifty places.'


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