Solange Knowles Says She's Suffering From 'Print Fatigue' In New Issue Of ASOS

26 April 2014 by

Solange is the June cover star of ASOS Magazine (ASOS)

Solange has been serving up a style storm of late, if it isn’t a neon Christopher Kane winner it’s the most fashionable festival outfits imaginable. It’s no surprise, therefore, that ASOS Magazine has snapped up the singer for their June cover. Here are the four things you need to know from Solange's interview, from her ready-to-wear renaissance to her relationship with Beyonce..

1. Having Beyonce as your sister is inspirational

The Knowles sister at Coachella: Appaz having Beyonce as your sister is a right LOL (Getty)

Imagine it, Beyonce being your big sister, it’s the stuff dreams are made of and boy were we jealous when we saw them strut their stuff on stage at Coachella. It seems that Queen B is a continuing inspiration for Knowles junior, ‘I have never seen anything like it in my life, from anyone… Now that she’s become a mother, and the way that she’s able to balance that is so inspiring, If I am ever feeling like I want to open up my mouth and complain about how hard I am working, I think, ‘Uhhh! Sit down!’’ Who runs the world? GIRLS! Perhaps it's not even just her sister's attitude to life which is inspiring Solange, their wardrobes have been looking very similar of late!

2. 'Solange: The Printed Lady' is over

Solange tells ASOS Magazine she is re-evaluting her wardrobe ATM as she is suffering from print fatigue (Getty)

Solange is the festival fashion inspiration of choice for people the world over and it turns out that the singer is re-evaluating her attire at the moment, ‘I might be having a little evolution in my style…it’s been a lot more subtle. I had a bit of print fatigue, it’s been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. But you want to evolve and experiment – that’s part of the fun and the joy of being a woman.’ Rest assured even if Solange is letting go of prints, she won't be taking her foot of the attire accelerator any time soon.

3. Being a young artist is tough

Queen B isn't the only Knowles with her sights set on world domination (ASOS)

Apparently life isn’t easy breazy when Beyonce is your sister and Jay-Z is your brother-in-law. As you can imagine its tough and the industry can apparently still be a cruel mistress, “there is so much beauty to a lot of the industry…but a lot of it I think is really, really sh**t. There are times you see the people running things, and you think, there’s no way that I feel, as a young artist, that I’m not capable of making those decisions... Not only do I want to it myself on the music front, I want to put it out myself and see it through in every aspect, which feels really rewarding.” Looks like Beyonce isn’t the only Knowles with eyes set on world domination!

4. Living in New Orleans means you can walk around in a mask

Solange remarked to ASOS Magazine that New Orleans is the only city you can walk round in a mask in (Getty)

Unlike Beyonce who has apparently just moved the Carter family to London, Solange resides in the home of the blues, New Orleans. ‘Life is really, really good….I feel at home and there’s literally never a dull moment. You can walk out of your home and experience 12 different things that you’ve never seen before. And which other city can you walk around with a mask on and it’s OK? I’m able to roll around anonymously all the time. It’s really nice that I between here and Brooklyn – it’s nice to have the ying and yang of those two cities.’ So people of New Orleans, if you see a talk woman in snazzy clothing walking around with a peculiar mask on its Solange!

Solange was photographed for the June issue of ASOS Magazine by Ben Sullivan. Want more Solange Style? Well check out the gallery below...


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