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Shailene Woodley On Not Wearing Makeup On The Red Carpet And Why She Doesn't Mind Talking About George Clooney

After almost stealing the show from George Clooney in Oscar-winning 2011 movie The Descendants, actress Shailene Woodley has three movies in the pipeline, including starring roles opposite Kate Winslet and Eva Green. Despite being cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, she remains friends with co-star Emma Stone, who interviews her in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. Alongside a dark and gothic selection of portraits, shot by renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Emma and Shailene get to grips with topics from organic farming to retaining anonymity as an actress in Hollywood. Take a look at what we learnt from the Interview article...

1. She's a self-proclaimed environmentalist

Back in high school Shailene became interested in eating healthily and began researching the diets of indigenous people. As a result she developed a passion for herbalism and organic farming and believes, "If we want to save the planet, then I think we need to start saving ourselves in order to do that. I believe that organic farming, among many other practices, can really start that shift."

2. Her outlook changed when she filmed The Descendants in Hawaii

"It was at the very beginning of my young adult life, and I think just being connected to nature in that way really reminded me of what life is about—at least for me. I believe that life is about the importance of reconnecting to our roots and living." We think we would probably have a life altering experience if we spent a four months on an island with George Clooney too!

3. She has to remind herself not to flash her neighbours

While shooting Divergen in Chicago she lived in an apartment 35 floors in the sky and had "to be careful about walking around my house naked because the business office next door will be able to see me at 7 a.m."

4. She loves to dream

The actress is so obsessed with her unconcious mind that she uses (legal) herbs to encourage more vivid dreams: "I've actually found some herbs that will induce lucid dreaming or will help with other types of dreaming… One that I love for dreaming is called mugwort. It's actually what we'd call a weed. You can find it all over America. You can dry it and make it into a tea or you can burn it like sage. It's what the Native Americans used to do to bring on helpful dreams to encourage visions for the coming days."

5. She was a nerd in high school

We love it when a former geek comes out on top. Asked if she felt an affinity to her character in The Spectacular Now Shailene said, "I related to her in the sense that my first boyfriend in high school was way cooler than I ever could've been. It's funny because now he's one of my closest friends. But back then, he was the cool dude and I was the nerdy calculus girl. I think that, when we were 15, I helped him sort of look outside of the box and start thinking in a way that didn't involve just going to parties and smoking ganja, doing the whole ditch-school thing, and he helped me not take life so seriously at such a young age and to have fun and experience new things."

6. She usually doesn't wear makeup on the red carpet

The star made the decision to ditch the cosmetics after spotting an almost recognisable photo of herself in a magazine and realising the influence she has over other young women. She explained: "It's important because I saw somebody—what I thought was me—in a magazine once, and I had big red lips that definitely did not belong on my face. I had boobs about three times the size they are in real life. My stomach was completely flat. My skin was also flawless. But the reality is that I do not have those lips and my skin is not flawless and I do have a little bit of a stomach. It was not a proper representation of who I am. I realized that, growing up and looking at magazines, I was comparing myself to images like that—and most of it isn't real. So (a) I don't really wear makeup that much anyway, so part of it is just a selfish, lazy thing, and (b) I want to be me."

7. The Descendants made her question whether she wanted to be an actress

Given the pressure put on young actresses it's understandable that down to earth Shailene isn't a big fan of the showbiz circuit. She almost left Hollywood after appearing in the film that made her a star, but her friends and family gave her the support she needed to continue. "So there was a period after doing press for The Descendants where I was like, "I don't want to act anymore because there's too much pressure." But one of my best friends and my mom both reminded me, "Shai, you've never acted for anyone else. You've just got to ignore all the other stuff and do it for yourself"—and the second I was reminded of that, I realized that I just need to do what I do and what I love."

8. She's a mummy's girl

Despite having a rocky relationship in her mid teens, Shailene now considers her mother the most important person in her life. "The day I turned 18, something magical happened, because suddenly I had all of the freedom that I wanted and I stopped trying to battle her and prove to her that I was an independent person. At that point, we started bonding in a way that we never had before. I started to realize how lucky I was to have a mom who made me read The Secret when I was 15 and who taught me about manifesting positivity in my life and about compassion and integrity and being a kind human being."

9. Looking back on her first love makes her laugh

Shailene says of her post high school romance: "It was such a young relationship, and now, the things that seemed so important and mature and adult about it sort of make me giggle because of how cute and innocent it was in ways that I didn't realize at the time."

10. George Clooney is like her big brother

Asked about her The Descendants co-star George and director Alexander Alexander Payne the actress says that they "have become like big brothers or wise friends. They've given me advice not only on the industry, but also on my personal life. Getting that movie was really one of those moments where the stars aligned." Her interviewer Emma also wondered whether people would ever stop asking her about Hollywood heartthrob Clooney and Shailene replied, "Probably not, but that's okay. I really like him."

Check out Shailene's style evolution in the gallery below...


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