Shailene Woodley's Dressing DNA: We Take A Look At The Divergent Actress's Wardrobe!

21 March 2014 by

Unsure where you have heard the name Shailene Woodley before? WELL… the actress who stars in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Divergent is about to become a household name the world over so it’s a name you are about to hear a lot. With her star on the rise Shailene has got herself a seriousy snazzy wardrobe and there is nothing we love more than a new style icon to crush over! But what makes up the dressing DNA of the latest darling of the silver screen we hear you cry, well luckily for you we have dissected the dresses and assessed the accessories to give you the low down. FYI, just so you know we were certain she was going to make a style splash this year and put her in our ten fashionistas to watch list at the begining of 2014...

Red Hot On The Red Carpet

Woodley is always red carpet ready (from left): In Elie Saab Couture at the LA premiere of Divergent, wearing Elie Saab at the New York premiere and in Calvin Klein at the Women in Hollywood event (Getty)

Shailene first came to our attention when she starred as George Clooney’s uncontrollable daughter in the weepie, The Descendants back in 2012. With such a massive film to promote Woodley quickly got to grips with dressing for the red carpet and clothed herself in the likes of Christopher Kane at the 2012 Met Ball and was a vision in Valentino at the Oscars in 2013. But the lady seems to be in her style stride on this promotional tour. For Divergent’s LA premiere Shailene slipped into a Elie Saab asymmetrical golden gown and followed that ravishing red carpet winner by leaping into a jumpsuit from the same designer at the New York screening. Someone is certainly showing she is multi-versatile when it comes to being red carpet ready.

The Off Duty Damsel

Shailene is most comfortable in a jolly good pair of jeans and even a pair of dungarees (Getty)

Most actresses use the premiere after parties as an opportunity to show that they can’t only knock it out of the fashion park once in a night; you can follow whatever style stealing statement you deployed with yet another wardrobe winner! But that is not the case when it comes to our new gal pal Shailene. The actress loves nothing better than ripping off a gown and slipping into her casual attire, be it an oversized camo tee or even a pair of dungarees. Did someone say K-Stew?! What’s next a strip club hoodie? Time will tell…

The J-Law Hair

Before and After: The pixie cut is the new rite of passage in Hollywood (Getty)

Many are comparing Divergent to The Hunger Games and it seems that the comparisons don’t just stop at the plotline! J-Law famously chopped off her girl next door locks in favour of a pixie cut, and Shailene has totes done the same. It seems that these days the only way to be taken seriously as a young Hollywood actress is to chop off the barnett, it appears to be the new rite of passage. Now that is one initiation process we want to be part of, we might opt out though if she tries to convince us that eating clay is the best beauty regime...

The Ace Accessories

Theo James isn't the only sassy accessory in Shailene's styling kit! (Getty)

Every self-respecting actress knows that your outfit will only be a knock-out if you have a sublime co-star on your arm. Luckily for Shailene, she has the hot and hunky Theo James as the perfect clothing compliment. Us: “What beautiful eyes you have Theo!” Theo: “All the better to see you with…” *snaps back to reality post day dream* But the ace accessories don’t just stop there, Shailene loves an OTM clumpy strappy heeled sandal espech when it’s of the Alexander McQueen variety and always accessories with a touch of LA hippy via gold trinket jewellery. Enjoyable.

Check out Shailene's style evolution above…


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