Oops! Did Jennifer Lawrence Rip Her Dior Couture Dress At The 2013 SAG Awards?

28 January 2013 by

The hot debate getting us fired up today: what happened to Jennifer Lawrence's dress at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards? As she picked up her gong, the actress got her Dior Couture gown caught in a chair - we know that much - but the question is: did it rip? We've done the detective work to break down how the mishap unfolded. Read on...

Let's begin with Jennifer Lawrence hitting the red carpet (despite fighting pneumonia, bless) wearing a tiered navy gown by Raf Simons fresh off the Christian Dior Spring 2013 Couture catwalk. Doesn't she look wonderfully sophisticated? As you can see, J-Law's gown is slightly modified from the version seen in Paris last week thanks to the added train and a three-part skirt to make it more red carpet appropriate. So far, so good.

Oops! Did Jennifer Lawrence Rip Her Dior Couture Dress At The SAG Awards?

Inside the ceremony, Robert De Niro takes to the stage to announce that his Silver Linings Playbook co-star is the winner of the Best Leading Actress award. Cue rapturous applause.

Jennifer looks suitably shocked as she registers her win and covers her face in delight. SUCH a humble winner.

She gives her parents a hug first, obvs.

And there's Mr Cooper sweeping in for a hug of his own. Oh, how we wish Jen and Bradley were a real life couple *sigh*

And here's the moment - Jen's dress gets stuck under a chair leg.

'Why are there so many metal chairs in this place?' Then the Dior gets stuck to another chair. Uh oh.

Yep, definitely stuck.

Has the dress split? It seems to have ripped right across the centre.

Quelle horreur! Not the Dior! Marion Cotillard's face says it all.

Doh! We've all been there eh, Nicole?

Just keep smiling...

J-Law looks a little sheepish as she makes her way onto the stage, but the tear we saw earlier has miraculously disappeared. As she takes to the stairs, she sensibly hitchs up the top layer of her gown to avoid tripping over the hem.

But OOPS! Hoisting up the top layer means the sheer fabric beneath is revealed.

It's okay, the top layer is smoothed down. Surely no one noticed *ahem*

Oops! Did Jennifer Lawrence Rip Her Dior Couture Dress At The SAG Awards?

Just run into the loving arms of De Niro and deliever a heart-warming speech. Success!

2013 SAG Awards: Jennifer Lawrence Dior Dress Rip Malfunction Accepting Award Video

After the incident, Ms Lawrence looked utterly unphased as she posed with her brand new SAG award. As for her dress, it was still in tact and looked better than ever. Yes, it seems Jen did not in fact rip her couture but it was just one layer of dress that went astray. Phewf, crisis averted. We always knew we could trust Dior. For more proof, watch the moment in full below...


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