Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks Acting: 'Fulfilling Movie Moments Are Like Ecstasy'

15 January 2013 by

She has a pink and gold dressing room, loves shopping for vintage underwear and has made her own little corner of England in Hollywood - yep, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a girl after our own hearts. And didn't she look ruddy gorgeous at the Golden Globes this weekend, swathed in a black Saint Laurent gown and accessoried with an 'Angelina Right Leg'? We say yes.

Today, in a new interview with The Telegraph, the lass from Devon with the most sumptuous of lips and glossiest of tresses opens up about being a Brit girl in LA, hiking in Hollywood and her latest film role alongside Charlize Theron. Read on for the best RHW soundbites...

On living in Hollywood

'My whole world there is English: all my friends. I live with an Englishman, we watch English TV. I was devastated when Radio 1 stopped broadcasting over there because that was our connection to England. I live five minutes away from my British stylist. There are a lot of Brits out there and a lot of roast dinners go on at the house.'

On hiking in Los Angeles

'I try not to call it hiking because it's really just walking along dirt paths. I remember when I was invited on my first LA "hike", I said, "I don't have any walking-boots with me," and they said I just needed flip-flops. I was like, "What kind of hike is that?" A hike to a Devon girl is walking up a cliff in boots!'

On filming Mad Max

'It was a lot of work. Making a film is very different from photo-shoots and a lot more is expected from you. But those moments that are fulfilling are like ecstasy - they're amazing. When you've had a great connection with somebody creatively. That's the "buzz" actors talk about. There's also a huge responsibility on leading actors, which I really saw on this film, being in the company of Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult. To be able to be on my second film with actors like that - you would be crazy not to just watch and learn.'

On her acting career

'I have no master plan, really. I learnt that early on in my career. I never thought that I would be here. If someone had told me at 14 that I would be a model aged 16 I would have laughed.'

 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Talks Modelling, Vintage Underwear And Starring In Mad Max

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

On being a collector of vintage underwear

'I don't collect knickers, and bras are hard to find, but I have a lot of slips and camisoles. British girls love a good vintage find. Before I was modelling that's what I could afford: I would go through charity shops to find things. I love how it tells a story. You look at these exquisite pieces like art and wonder where this was or who was in this 50, 60 years ago. It's very romantic.'

On her favourite piece, a long blush-pink nightslip

'I actually wore it to a friend's wedding a few years ago. Now it just hangs in my wardrobe and it's something really special that creates an atmosphere. I have a dressing-room where things hang all over the place. It's pink with gold mirrors - I'm very girlie. No boys allowed. Although I don't think boys would really want to go in there.'

On designing her M&S lingerie line

'It's been exciting and… really fulfilling. Much more than I thought. I've always wanted to design - that's actually why I got into modelling in the first place - but I love going up to the headquarters and being around Soozie Jenkinson [head of lingerie design at M&S] and learning, learning, learning.'

On creating a lingerie line of her own

'I love collaborating with people and getting into a creative mindset and imagining what other women want to wear and how they'll wear it. So I do see it in my future.'

On building 'Brand Rosie'

'Why dream small? I've always said never downsize your dreams. Humans are so multidimensional and if opportunities come my way I'll grab them. Especially in the entertainment industry or fashion or film when you never know when your last job is going to be. You're always on edge and grafting; it's a hustle every day. You make a smart choice, and I've certainly made some terrible ones - we all have - but you just make the best of the moment you are in. If your risks turn out to be a success, you are very, very lucky.'


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