2013 Met Ball: The Designers And A-list Stars Give Their Verdict On Punk Style

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2013 Met Ball Punk Style: Vivienne Westwood, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence & More Give Their Verdicts

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

As the theme of this year’s Met Ball was Punk: Chaos To Couture, we found out what some of its most anarchic and fabulous attendees thought of the theme, and discovered their own personal relationship with Punk music, culture and dressing.

Sitting at a dream dinner date table with Beyoncé, Madonna, Frank Ocean and Marina Abramovic, Givenchy’s main man Riccardo Tisci said of the movement, "My life has been very punk. I have always had to fight for my rights. I come from a country that has very heavy religious customs. I have had to fight for what I believe in to support women’s rights and other aspects of society to be recognized and understood."

"My own style was more Goth than punk. Now I’m 38. I was born in ’74, so that was a little bit later. Punk didn’t last that long as a movement. What was it? One hundred days. Punk still resonates because everything about it strikes such emotion with people. It’s always about respect of humans. Whether it’s fashion, music, art or something else, human respect is what makes it stay on" Tisci told WWD.

Dame Vivienne Westwood and Lily Cole

The high priestess of punk and anarchy herself, Dame Vivienne Westwood was of course in attendance too, dressing model Lily Cole for the event. She told the NY Mag, "When I did punk all those years ago, [it was about the same thing]: Justice and [trying to] have a better world," she explained. "I've got different methods nowadays." Perhaps she was referring to the not-so –subtle Wikileaks truth message that waa rather crudely pinned to her dress, in absolute signature punk style? Punk perfection we reckon.

Anne Hathaway wearing Valentino and her newly dyed crop

One of our best-dressed from the night, Anne Hathaway showed off a home-dyed newly bleached crop, telling Hilary Rhoda on the red carpet "I don't know if you can tell by the looks of me, but...Debbie Harry was kind of [the inspiration]."

Miley Cyrus was wearing Marc Jacobs last night and spoke about her punky dress: “It’s so perfect for tonight. I’m feeling so good and so punk. There are so many different ways you can interpret what you’re going to do for punk, and I think I got it easy tonight because the dress is so punk itself, and my hair. You can do so many different styles with it, I’m really happy. I feel like I’m a punk rock Mortitia Adams, I want to wear this every day. Its fun to just stick to being a carachter tonight .This was it [the first outfit she tried on] and no alterations. It was rare, it just feels right.” And when quizzed on her favourite punk music? “I love the Sex Pistols.” Right answer Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus wearing Marc Jacobs and Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior

 A much less punky lady, but total babe nonetheless, and one of Raf Simons favourite beauties for Dior, Jennifer Lawrence confessed to her not so rebellious beginnings. “I never went through the punk phase. I guess tonight I am supposed to say yes, but no!”

 Stella McCartney arrived with Kristen Stewart, and told the red carpet reporters, “You know, I think I have two of the coolest chics in town, so I had good fun making them [their outfits].”  

Kristen Stewart wearing Stella McCartney

Kristen Stewart wearing Stella McCartney

Notoriously shy Kristen then chimed in, “I’m mostly excited about who I turned up with to be honest – I’m here with Cameron and Stella [McCartney] and I think us three can have a pretty good time. I kind of grew up on classic rock, and that at some point obviously delves into that [punk]. I love The Clash; I like the Sex Pistols, but working on The Runaways got me a little bit more aware of stuff like that. But the energy of it couldn’t coincide with who I am more…this is a good evening.”

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