Our 5 Favourtie Ascot Hats & Why We Love/Hate Then So Much!

19 June 2013 by

Royal Ascot 2013: Let's Assess The Best And Worst Wacktacular Hats

When it comes to Ascot, we have to admit the fillies take a definite second place to millinery in terms of capturing our attention. From chic pillboxes to out-there statement titfers, this year’s racecourse goers have certainly put in plenty of effort to finish their outfits perfectly. In celebration of the pageantry, we’ve decided to look at our top 5 standout hats and explain what we think about them. From the heavenly to the hilarious, Ascot is the perfect hatwalk.

1. When Flowers Attack

First up we have this rather stern lady working a magenta taffeta rose on her head. We love this one because it looks like a pre-schooler posy scribble photoshopped directly on to her forehead. Certainly statement, quite possibly too oversized.

2. Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Our next contender should take her rightful place on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style blog. We love proper commitment to fashion and this sugarplum pink get-up is most definitely that. As far as the headpiece is concerned, we can totally imagine this lady getting up this morning, pruning her petunias and turning herself into a walking shrub. Very Hyacinth Bucket.

3. Lost In Translation

This race-goer has an exotic vibe going on, and we can only presume her hat makes cultural references which resonate beyond our shores. Pink pigs tails, monochrome flowers and strange lightbulb embroideries, anyone? Luckily a speech bubble reads ‘Hats Hats Hats’, allowing us to understand what the hell is going on atop her head.

4. Matchy Matchy

Katherine Jenkins is a well-versed hat-wearer, indeed you can presume she has a veritable hat-drobe. While we love the shape and construction of Phillip Treacy’s topper, we cannot condone this level of colour matching. Note Katherine, exact toning of dress and hat makes you look like the mother of bride. Definitely not rock ‘n’ roll.

5. Kiss Me Quick

This gang of luscious lip-hatted ladies certainly know how to keep our attention. We particularly love their 40s style victory rolls which add an almost seaside cheekiness to their outfits.

See more fabulous Ascot headgear in the gallery below...


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John Alston (Thu Jun 20 00:26:42 BST 2013): Wow! The Tootsie Rollers look amazing in their yellow outfits from Collectif!
Nicole Ursula Pyne (Thu Jun 20 10:02:21 BST 2013): These dresses are the perfect match for summer weddings and called fairy dress... available online here www.collectif.co.uk... the Tootsie Rollers look absolutely lovely!