Onesies Or Baseball Caps: What Is The Number One Fashion Fail For Men?

04 April 2013 by

We have some bad news for Harry Styles, Ed Westwick and Russell Brand as they have all apparently worn the worst trends EVER for men. A study of 1,000 UK women found that the number one no-go for blokes is... the onesie.

We may love Cara Delevingne hopping about in a bunny onesie and lounging on the sofa in our OWN onesie, but that doesn't mean we want to see our crushes slobbing in a big babygrow. Forty per cent of women said it is the biggest turn-off trend. Well, you wouldn't catch style pin-up David Beckham out and about in a onesie, would you?

The number two fashion fail is the baseball cap, which we would like to add is SO much worse when worn backwards à la Robert Pattinson. If you have to wear one boys, at least wear it the right way round.

Brits on tour staples - flip flops, football tops and tacky tracksuits also made the ick-list which was compiled by a poll by Johnson Cleaners. Teen crush Harry Styles has ticked off all of the no-go fashions, as he wore a Man-U football shirt on stage, wore a green Nike trackie (which matched the other 1D boys' tracksuits) and wore a backwards red baseball cap.

Glasses, shirts and ties and polo shirts made the list of the hottest trends for men

So what do women look for in a man style-wise? Well spectacles came out top of the hot list, followed by a classic shirt and tie combo, chinos and then polo shirts. So gents listen up, invest in some thick specs like Tinie Tempah, a classic shirt and tie like Mr JT and a preppy polo shirt like Prince Harry and you'll have all the girls swooning (in theory).

But all is not lost for the baseball cap fans out there, as 43% of the women questioned said there is nothing more important than being a gentleman. N'aww.
See the countdown of the top 5 fashion fails for men in the gallery above...


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